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JP april meeting photos

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Can we call it E-Jihad?

While Muslims, Arab and especially Palestinians amongst them cannot give the right answer to Israeli violence on land they are able to abuse their e-space Chron JERUSALEM - Hundreds of Israeli Web sites were shut down by pro-Palestinian hackers as Israeli troops invaded southern Gaza after the abduction of an Israeli soldier, an Israeli newspaper reported Thursday. The Jerusalem Post said about 700 Web sites were shut down early Wednesday. Their home pages were replaced by the message, "Hacked by Team-Evil Arab hackers u KILL palestin people we KILL Israeli servers." Click to learn more... By early today, all the Web sites were back online. The report could not be independently confirmed. Among the sites mentioned were Israel's largest bank, Bank Hapoalim, as well as a hospital in Haifa, BMW Israel, Subaru Israel and Citroen Israel. The paper said the hacker team, with at least six members, is apparently based in Morocco and began attacking U.S. government Web sites in 2

Ahli club mother day

Special Mother's day breakfast party at Ahli Club on Saturday March 24th. Invite the spacial ladies in your life. tickets available for 5 JOD's only!! Call 0776282929 or any member of the social committee for tickets. Please Tell Your Friends :) [tags] Mother, day, ahli, club [/tags]

Do we blog to criticize the government?

Osama was interviewed by Al-Jazeera and it was introduced as if he represent the majority of bloggers in the Arab world and specially Jordan. He claims that we face many illegal difficulties and we receive many threats because authorities scared from us and that because we can unveil corruption, he also mentioned that bloggers are more powerful than journalists because we don't have any law that regulate our activities or limit our freedom but he forgot that we don't a law that can protect us unlike journalists. 4:15 The last question was whether we have demands especially when it comes to having entities that can provide some legal protection for our activities and his answer was; We don't have any, if we are going to demand then we are going to ask the government while our goal as bloggers is to criticize the authority and the government. Personally, I cannot agree on that goal even though I do criticize whenever I have enough information from trusted sources about an is

Should we stop praying in groups until we beat Swine Flu?

Swine Flu striking the region and the Kingdom isn't an exception . One major factor of transmitting the flu would be mingling with groups where might be infected people who aren't aware of their infection. A cough or a sneeze will terrorize me from now on until we hear confirmation of beating the scary flu or at least until I get injected with whatever should keep me safe. Thinking of

Circassian Concert - Kuban at Jerash

Saber of Peace - Promo from Kuban Troupe on Vimeo . Al-Ahli Club Circassian Folklore Troupe was established in 1993 and It has represented Jordan in numerous renounced regional and international cultural events. The Troupe is known for its ongoing national and international participations. Its main objectives are to preserve the Circassian dance, elevate the standard of folklore performances and give an outstanding presentation on stage. It consists of a young group of talented dancers who dance to live Circassian music performed by marvelously gifted musicians. All of which happen to be volunteers believing in one cause and acting upon it. Since nothing is more courageous than a heart of a volunteer, they are willing to put every effort possible in order to achieve excellence. Circassian dances are the pride of the nation. They bond love, respect for women, toughness, competition, skill and beauty all into one remarkable performance. Some dances highlight brave

تداول السلطة

Imagine brotherhood sharing power Oimagine one of them becoming the minister of education. I'm not afraid of Islam, I'm afraid of their version of Islam They claim to be moderate, Taliban claims the same. They don't have a programme, the only thing they have is 'Islam is the Solution' but which Islam.

The Danish Experience or Not

Are you a public figure if you are an online activist? - Can you mock a national institute when you are not a citizen? - Do you have the right to talk like a local if you lived in a country for couple of years? - Maybe I do not disagree with it, maybe it exists but I did not like that such mockery is coming from a foreigner. - You lived in Jordan as a Danish at the most critical and hardest times to say I'm a danish. - I can't be textually aggressive with you, because the institute you are mocking may give me a call for being aggressive with a white person. See, you are protected by the people you are mocking. - it's mocking because of the writing style, it's not based on facts, it's not a research output and most importantly, it's not your business unless it's your business. - We appreciate all inputs from none-Jordanians, if that shows anything it shows how they are connected to the country, especially those who lived for 5 and more years in Jordan, but ne

What next in Jordan?

The Kingdom experienced a great number of marches, protests and sit-ins since. Thanks God nothing violent in contrast with what we witnessed in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia or the current happening in Syria; or in contrast with a heated local football game.(cite PSD statistics, cite a bad-hair-day football game) Most of these protests, marches and sit-ins were copied from other Arab countries with similar slogans and demands, maybe because Jordanians shares similar characteristics of other Arab states that led the popular demands for reform(cite Rohail Gharaibeh article on the Guardian), or simply for lacking creativity (cite blog commentary on this), own own story; or simply because the situation in Jordan is somehow different from other Arab states. However, It may not be useful to touch upon the fact of copied-protests, as there are some exception that was an authentic Jordanian creativity, at least according to my knowledge, like the BlackFact (link to their FB page) protest came w

Project Management Game

A bit old bt Many project managers feel as if their role is more of a game than a job. Some project managers play to win, some simply wait for the next roll of the dice, and others haven’t got a clue how to play. Many project managers are accomplished at playing the PM game and are able to deliver spectacular results. Others simply don’t know what they’re doing and cannot deliver because they clearly don’t understand the rules of the game. Once you start playing the "Game of Project Management," you soon realize that there is never enough money, people, and time, so you have to call on your interpersonal skills to get what you need to get the project delivered. There are two fundamental aspects regarding the human side of project management that are important to remember: People influence a project’s success or failure. A project problem can only be resolved by people. So, if it’s people that form the core to any project, let’s look at the way many project managers play the p

Apostasy again

تناقض مع القران لا اكراة في الدين لست عليهم بمسيطر فمن شاء ان يؤمن ومن شاء ان يكفر اانت تكره الناس ليكونو مؤمنين Freedom vs religion vs ethics vs moral corruption Swedan is misguided Wajdi Ghunaim vs Swedan

Toward a National Tribalism Advisory System

Soon Jordanian students will be able to ask their colleagues the question of What is the current NTAS level? just like the Americans when they had to deal with world wide terrorist activities, Jordanians now have to deal with tribalism in a similar way. The Secretary of TribeLand Security has not issued an elevated or imminent alert at this time. Tribes security court. National Tribalism Advisory System Color coded threat level.

Three interesting CUMERC Public Speaker this April

Three interesting events coming up at CUMERC All events starts at 18:30 aka 6:30 PM April 9th, 18:30 - Reconciliation Processes in Conflict Areas: Reflections on Reconciliation in Apartheid South Africa Naomi Tutu is Human Rights Activist and Daughter of Desmond Tutu The Israeli-Palestinian Impasse: What are the Options for a Solution? Ghada Karmi. April 25, 1830 USAID’s Five Year Strategy in Jordan Stuart E. Jones. April 30, 1830.

Explaining Political Phenomenas

تفسير الأردنيين للأحداث و"الظواهر" السياسية يشبة بحد كبير تفسير ظواهر ما وراء الطبيعة. فرسوب أحدهم بالامتحان, قضاء وقدر, لا اهمال دراسي. وطلاق بين الأزواج يفسر بقدر الله وما شاء فعل في أحسن الأحول او انهم سحروا باقلها حسنا, لا بسوء إدارة بيت الزوجية. اما عن الأحداث السياسية, فتفسر بتدخل المخابرات, وكأن المخابرات هي القوى الخفية التي تحرك العالم, فهي قادرة على قرأة الأفكار والتحكم بالأحداث واللعب بالمشاعر وتحريك الأشياء عن بعد. The Jordanian interpretation of political events and political "phenomenas" are much like the way they explain what they consider a paranormal interference. Failing in the exam is fatalism, not lack of proper preparations. A divorce is is also God's work for religious or a spell in many cases, but not lack of commitment and communication between the spouses. As for political events, it's always the MooKhabarat. If you fail in an election, it's the MooKhabarat, i   In Jordan, people tend to explain Political Phenomenas or even event

Worst buy in 2011 - Samsung Galaxy Tab

On April 23, 2011 I placed an order for a Samsung Galaxy Tab and I was so excited as it would be my first tablet and bit more excited because it's an Android on Samsung. I had Google Nexus S on HTC and I do appreciate Android OS for several reasons and was up to fight the urge of picking an iPad instead. Customer support is a key when you buy similar gadget. I did not face any problem with customer care when I had an iPhone, even though we don't have Apple Store in Jordan but a couple of authorised resellers and thankfully they do understand customer satisfaction as the key for returning customers and maintaining their business. Samsung on the other side, at least in Jordan, does not understand customer care at all. For example, I bought my Galaxy Tab for $350 (JOD 248) from when they sell it for $492 (JOD 350). I wil Customer is indeed a source of money, we pay money to buy stuff and get service but the way Samsung is doing it is money for agony. Samsung Tablet itse

Value Design Pattern

Sometimes while you are coding, you need some kind of a wrap for some primitive data type such as an integer, just to add some feature that is not available directly from that primitive data type, or just to give it some identity. A Date, Integer, or Dollar class is a handy - and inexpensive - encapsulation, easily copied, compared, or created when needed. For example managing Bytes and printing them can be something annoying, for example, when ever you need to print the number of Bytes in a file, you would like to check if it can be represented in KB, MB, or GB. So what I'm going to do here is to wrap the integer datatype into a Byte class, and override it's __toString function (one of the magic functions in PHP 5) so every time time I need to print it a simple print would do the issue. Our example here would be for a mailbox, every mailbox has a quota, I want to give it a starting quota, then increase it, so first I'm going to write the Test for it (Using simpletest ). &

What's up with school girls these days?

The other day I had some stuff to do in Jabal Amman around the noon and while driving around the backstreet of first circle, three school girls insisted to walk in the middle of the street blocking it! I tried beeping gently several times but it didn't work although the gentle beep got their attention but they insisted on it! eh

Academic life in Jordan

Academic life sucks We don't have a good libraires and the only one is Shoman library online resources are some how restricted to participant institutions, supposedly like our universities british council had AthensSams but they canceled it due to the low usage

Possessed Business

Prologue: I have been trying to captive what some people would call it negativity for the lack of thereof When you put efforts to make everything work just as they should is exactly the same time when the master stupidity shows up to wreak something. Master of stupidity is the monster that possess some private companies and so far we couldn't find an exorcist to kick the monster out! Five months ago I decided to go with annual payments of my ADSL which also cover the meaningless ADSL subscription for a year starting from mid June 2009 and the master of stupidity this time possessing Orange aka JTC this time of the year, I thought I'm covering everything and the amount of payment implied this, it was a good 450 JD covering my 2MB connection plus the ADSL subscription, I subscribed to that plan even before they announce it under the name of IPStream but in a country where it would take ages to get your legal rights, you just never raise it up and this makes shutting your mouth a

Unique way to show passion

There are so many ways to show your love to your country, but this one is definitely the most spontaneous, creative and genuine way out of the many that I have seen in my life.

هذا وطنا لا تقرب

Listen اسمع  Look شوف  انتا يالي على الفيس بوك وتويتر والمسنجر والبلوة اليوتيوب Stop خط أحمر حط عنده  هذا وطنا لا تقرب وصمام الأمان إلنا  وإفهمها يالي تفهم.

Profit Over People

Neoliberalism is the defining political economic paradigm of our time—it refers to the policies and processes whereby a relative handful of private interests are permitted to control as much as possible of social life in order to maximize their personal profit. Associated initially with Reagan and Thatcher, for the past two decades neoliberalism has been the dominant global political economic trend adopted by political parties of the center and much of the traditional left as well as the right. These parties and the policies they enact represent the immediate interests of extremely wealthy investors and less than one thousand large corporations. Aside from some academics and members of the business community, the term neoliberalism is largely unknown and unused by the public-at-large, especially in the United States. There, to the contrary, neoliberal initiatives are characterized as free market policies that encourage private enterprise and consumer choice, reward personal responsibil

Profit Over

Neoliberalism works best when there is formal electoral democracy, but when the population is diverted from the information, access, and public forums necessary for meaningful participation in decision making. As neoliberal guru Milton Friedman put it in his Capitalism and Freedom, because profit-making is the essence of democracy, any government that pursues anti-market policies is being antidemocratic, no matter how much informed popular support they might enjoy. Therefore it is best to restrict government sto the job of protecting private property and enforcing contracts, and to limit political debate to minor issues.

يا حمد شو صار بالعطوة

Defending the undefended

The same time we defend security and safety, the same time we defend corrupted institutions, is the same time we defend corrupted leaders, is the same time NGOs hold their meetings and training at five stars hotels, is the same time we don't know the taxes is used, is the same time we have no idea why we have huge customs, is the same time we don't understand why we don't have , is the same time we wonder why pop-movements broke all the lights, is the same time we don't understand our idea of existence, is the same time we have no clue of what next, is the same time we celebrate inauguration of a new government, is also the same time this old women is drinking this water.  Is also the same time we defend the undefended.  في نفس الوقت الذي ندافع فيه عن الأمن والأمان هو نفس الوقت الذي ندافع فيه عن مؤسساتنا وانفاقها, وهو ايضا نفس الوقت الذي ندافع عن شخصيات سرقت ولم تبقي ولم تذر, هو نفس الوقت الذي تشرب فية هذه الأردنية الماء من على الشارع

Launch2Net Premium - 3G Internet Connection Manager

Launch2Net Premium is a modern 3G Internet connection manager that gives you the ability to connect to your 3G network, download PrePaid data service, share your connection with your wifi enabled apliances and gives you highly detailed statistics. Using it, you will not need to switch into another software when you change your 3G sim card. Out of my almost two weeks of personal experience with Launch2Net Premium , I'm more than satisfied and I'm getting an extra feature with it. Launch2Net signal bar is far more accurate than the ones my 3G dongle provides and it's way easier to start the Mobile Hub.   [gallery link="file" columns="2" orderby="title"] Connect to the Internet. Anytime, everywhere. Connect a surfstick to your Mac and run launch2net Premium. After a short while, you are connected to the Internet. Without the need to enter any connection details or to search for modem drivers. Works worldwide with most network p

It is Cinema time with The Force Awaken

What Jordanian talked about in 2011

Cronyism Gerrymandering Henchmen Rentier state National Committees ( Electoral Law, Constitutional Amendments) National Identity Social Justice Harmony seditious Loyalty Opposition treacherous kleptocracy Corruption Political Will Stooge State/Regime sycophant

مصطفى وهبي التل (عرار) >> أين الرصيفة أين الرصيفة

" في صيف عام 1943 م قصد جلالة الملك عبدالله بن الحسين الملك المؤسس متنزة الرصيفة وفي معيته الأميران طلال ونايف والشيخ حمزة العربي ، والسيد أحمد السقاف ، ومعالي فلاح المدادحة ، وعرار ، وصبري الطباع ، ومخلد احد أفراد الحاشية وعبدالسلام كمال . . فقال جلالته : أين الرصيفة من ذرى رغدان كل الحبة في ربى عمّان فيها أخلائي ونخبة صحبتي والمسعفون على صروف زماني . فقال عرار : رغدان يا رغدان كم لك في العلا علم وأنت محجة التيجان الأمن حيث بنيت في طود العلا وسوى حماك يعج بالنيران . فقال جلالته : والشيخ حمزة فوق كرسي له ما بين ( منجده ) مع ( البستان ) . فقال عرار : والشيخ حمزة شلّح القاموس من أبياته فتراه كالعريان . فقال جلالته : يا شيخ حمزة للغات قواعد مالي على حذق اللغات يدان بنيّ اللسان على فصاحة يعرب وشهيد ذلك محكم القرآن ردّ العمامة نحو أيسر حاجب لتكون كالأشباخ ذا اتقان إنّ الأميرين اللذين تراهما رمقاك رمقة حاذق يقظان كالنيّران بليلة يريان ليس العمامة كفتي ميزان . فقال عرار : وانظر إلى صبري تراه مهيئا كاساته والشاي للندمان وهناك بين مليكنا وأمينه تحت العريشة يجلس الشيخان . فقال جلالته : يا م

Journey to PMP

PMP exam is about to change in 2015, so if you are taking the PMP journey you will need to pay some attention to couple of details The five domains of practice (Initiating, planning, executing, Monitoring & Controlling, and closing the project) will remain the same but tasks within each one are altered (Removed, added or updated) November 1st is the last day to take the current PMP test The upcoming changes will definitely affect your choice of [tabs collapsible=true selected='0' event='click' position='top' ] [tab title="title1"] tab content [/tab] [tab title="title2"] another content tab [/tab] [/tabs]

وقت الإنتظار والإستثمارات العلاجية

من غير المعقول ان يكون وقت انتظار الطواريء في المستشفيات الخاصة ذات الرسوم العالية نسبيا اكبر من وقت الانتظار في القطاع الحكومي او الشبه حكومي اعمل في مؤسسة تنظر للموظفين كشركاء وتوليهم عين الرعاية عندما يتعلق الموضوع بالتامين الصحي للموظف الشريك ولعائلته، ولكن ليست هذه القضية، القضية انني لم اعاني يوما مع مؤسسة طبية علاجية مثل مستشفى الجامعة الاردنية، على العكس كنت دوما اتفاجأ بسرعه الاستجابة ووقت للانتظار المعقول والذي لم يتجاوز ال ٢٠ دقيقة في اسواء الاحوال. الم بي عرض من ايام وذهب لاعرق المؤسسات الطبية الخاصة، واعلمني موظف الطواريء ان وقت الانتظار قد يصل الساعه، فهرعت لمستشفى عريق اخر، ولم يعلمني بان علي الانتظار ساعه اخرى، وكوني "اكلت المقلب" وبالاساس مش صاحي. انتظرت. ولكن هذا جعلني افكر كيف ان على الدوله تنظيم هذا القطاع بما يخدم الافراد، ان يكون وقت الانتظار في افضل المؤسسات او الاستثمارات العلاجية الخاصة يزيد عن ٣٠ دقيقة فهذه مشكلة بالتاكيد، قد يكون عليهم التعلم من خبرات المؤسسات الشبة حكومية في اداره انفسهم، او قد يكون تعميم النظام على القطاع الخاص هو الحل. مش عارف بس

Anti Semitism

#Anti_Semitism vs #Philo_Semitism If anti-Semitism is prejudice, hatred of, or discrimination against Jews as a national, ethnic, religious or racial group or better as defined in German language as "JudenHass" Which means it is not literally against Semitic people, but only against Jews. But then, what do we call Jews prejudice, hatred of, discrimination against others by Jews? I usually feel amazed of how people would react to what is defined as Anti Semitism or better JudenHass. So if I may ask, what does Anti-Semitism means to you? I'm coming from the Middle East as you know, and the way we perceive that term is completely different. The term is perceived differently here, majorly because we were not partners in the ugly crimes committed by Europeans and particularly the Germans against the Jews, and maybe because the majority of Middle Eastern people is of Semitic origin (Hope I'm statistically correct here) and that's why I prefer JudenHass over Anti Semitic

Echoes of the Nazi

[gallery ids="409,410,411,412"] [gallery type="slideshow" ids="412,411,410,409"] The Jewish people who were once the victims of one of the unforgettable event in human history, the holocaust. Briefly about the holocaust and why it was a major human tragedy. Nazi actions Brief about Gaza, some statistics of populations Brief about the current event kickstarters How did it start? The three kidnapped youth, hebron? Hamas didn't adapt it. Abu Kheider General violence? International Activists. News coverage - ABC Strikes on Gaza Military power comparison, israel vs hamas. Naom Chomsky, this isn't a war, this is a murder. Former IDF Son of General IDF Hopeless region, occupation is one of the reasons. And what if its based on fabrications

Some links for light reading - Thursday, July 10, 2014

What I Read Last Week Bang We turn the corner of the road when the first round whips in. It kicks up dust one yard in front of Bassam Almohor. He stops walking. “We’re being shot at,” my guide says. His… The Age of Grievance In the Middle East, terrorists are making a comeback. And with the exit of U.S. troops from Iraq and Washington’s continued absence in Syria, the momentum appears to be in their favor. The… How should we think about the Caliphate? In its recent propaganda video, Clanging of the Swords: Part 4, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) presented a tightly edited series of grotesque executions. Thirty-eight people were filmed… Abu Khdeir, Murdered Palestinian Boy Was Forced to Drink Gasoline, Then Burned to Death Haaretz article confirms ghoulish murder of Mohamed Abu Khdeir With each day that goes by the murder of Mohamed Abu Khdeir becomes ever more bestial.  Haaretz reports (Hebrew print edition only… The Newest Advertising and Recruiting Mogul: ISIS Author: Jeff

Some links for light reading - Thursday, July 3, 2014

What I Read Last Week Libertarianism and Classical Liberalism: Is There a Difference? by Mario Rizzo I consider myself both a libertarian and a classical liberal. I have been teaching a seminar in classical liberalism at the NYU Law School for six semesters. I am always asked about… Israeli FM Lieberman Tells Kerry Independent Kurdish State is a Foregone Conclusion; Peres Says De-Facto Kurd State is Democratic Kurdish-inhabited areas cross the national borders of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Thursday told U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry that the emergence… The British jihadis in Syria might be driven by more than just religion Nasser Muthana (R), 20, from Cardiff, who uses the nom de guerre Abu Muthanna al-Yemeni, in the online video. Photograph: Al-Hayat Media Centre/AFP/Getty Reyaad Khan and Nasser Muthana sound like… al-Ḥayāt Media Center presents a new video message from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shām: "There Is No Life

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Ancient Technology That Proves An Advanced Civilization Was On Earth

Recently I engaged with some friends in a conversation regarding the human history vs religions, and I argued that if we enjoyed the same openness and/or creativity that other cultures enjoyed, namely the ancient Greece, we would most likely end up drawing the same characters they have whether you call them Gods, demons, and daemons; but based on their description in Quran or Hadeeth , or Torah & Gospel . I'm most certainly not interested in the endless debate of why Muslims didn't draw angels for example, but this conversation got me interested in learning more about our history as humans. For this, and after bit of googling, I ended up liking the work of Rita Louise author of The E.T. Chronicles: What Myths and Legends Tell Us About Human Origins but as such history is better visualized, I looked her up on YouTube and found the following interesting lecture on how ancient technology proves advanced ancient civilization. Ancient Technology That Proves An Advanced Civili