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Circassian Concert - Kuban at Jerash

Saber of Peace - Promo from Kuban Troupe on Vimeo.

Al-Ahli Club Circassian Folklore Troupe was established in 1993 and It has represented Jordan in numerous renounced regional and international cultural events.

The Troupe is known for its ongoing national and international participations. Its main objectives are to preserve the Circassian dance, elevate the standard of folklore performances and give an outstanding presentation on stage. It consists of a young group of talented dancers who dance to live Circassian music performed by marvelously gifted musicians.

All of which happen to be volunteers believing in one cause and acting upon it. Since nothing is more courageous than a heart of a volunteer, they are willing to put every effort possible in order to achieve excellence.

Circassian dances are the pride of the nation. They bond love, respect for women, toughness, competition, skill and beauty all into one remarkable performance. Some dances highlight bravery and courage, others reflect grace and elegance.
They sometimes pay tribute to the snowy peaks of the Caucasus Mountains, or tell the story of the decline of a fortress, or the preparation of men for war.

Members of the Troupe swallowed the song of their native soil with their mother's milk and instantly made it an inseparable part of the Jordanian culture. Dancing is only a small grain in the gold fund of the folklore; however it gives at least a good idea of the chivalry and graciousness of the mountainous people.

Kuban Troupe made a promise to thrill audiences around the world, bringing the exceptional and mystical cultural heritage from the Caucasus to communities worldwide.


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