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The State of ADSL in Jordan

I got my first ADSL back in 2001 and had 3gigs download cap and once you reach the cap they get you down to 64k speed instead of the 256k at that time. With the promises and plans to make the Kingdom an IT rock star in Middle East we got the 1024k and 2048k ADSL but yet the download cap is ridicules, for 1024 you get 11gig of download and then they downgrade you to 128k and with 2048k you get 12gig (What an upgrade!) which means they are providing you with a faster mean to consume your cap, that's it. To add salt to injury they offer no extra bandwidth plans and if they do then be sure it will cost you enormous amount of money. This kind of restriction is pain and very unfair especially when we pay around $70 a month to get that capped ADSL. Now with the information boom especially in the era of online videos and TVs; and podcasts you could consume your 10gig in a day watching Google I/O , Techtalks , Ubuntu Developer channel on youtube and many other technical video cast, not to

Hello Planet!

If you are reading this through Planet Ubuntu it means that EMEA membership team is done torturing me. In other words, I made it to the planet which also means I became an Ubuntu Member, So please join me and welcome ME as a new member, Jad Madi [tags] ubuntu, membership [/tags]

Simple Real Media Converter

RMconverter is a simple interface for the lame package. Real Media Converter is a multi threaded gui that takes advantage from the mencoder and lame packages to generate wav and mp3 formats from real media files (ra, rm, and ram) and wav files. Real Media Converter may become a complete front end for the lame package which is a program that can be used to create compressed audio files. Requirements: · Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6 · mencoder · lame · w32codecs Get RMconverter now [tags] real media converter,java runtime environment,mp3 formats,w32codecs,that takes advantage,ra,rm,interface[/tags]