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Possessed Business

I have been trying to captive what some people would call it negativity for the lack of thereof
When you put efforts to make everything work just as they should is exactly the same time when the master stupidity shows up to wreak something.

Master of stupidity is the monster that possess some private companies and so far we couldn't find an exorcist to kick the monster out!

Five months ago I decided to go with annual payments of my ADSL which also cover the meaningless ADSL subscription for a year starting from mid June 2009 and the master of stupidity this time possessing Orange aka JTC this time of the year, I thought I'm covering everything and the amount of payment implied this, it was a good 450 JD covering my 2MB connection plus the ADSL subscription, I subscribed to that plan even before they announce it under the name of IPStream but in a country where it would take ages to get your legal rights, you just never raise it up and this makes shutting your mouth a personal preferences for you and the other party [ The Private company possessed by the master of stupidity].

Two days ago I received the very unwanted alert "ModemLine is DOWN", the only thing that would panic me more than that alert would be receiving a phone call telling me about a family or a friend passing away, it's that important to be online these days.

I called Orange to check what's wrong and I was hoping that it would be the usual unwanted and unexpected maintenance but it was my ADSL subscription bill, they said I have 37JD over due plus 50JD something over due phone subscription bill but hey, I paid for a year! at least for the ADSL subscription and why on earth they would disconnect my ADSL for over due phone subscription bill? I can't remember when the last time I used the landline nor I'm sure whether I have a landline device or not; anyway they said if you pay today you will get your line back in two hours.

To make my life easier I went to their centre and paid everything although I'm not convinced at all and they mentioned that the line will be back within 12 hours, that's 10 hours more than what I got when I called them 30 minutes earlier.

Twelve hours is not that bad, I tried to convince myself but today morning and by morning I mean 11 AM the ADSL line wasn't back yet but the phone line so I called them again. First they said your line is disconnected and you need to pay in order to get it back but I brought her attention to the fact that I'm calling her using that disconnected line! MIRACLE!!! she apologized and asked me to wait until she checks what's going on and so she kept me on hold for 7 minutes and then she came back to say that I have to call my Internet provider so they can file a request on my behalf to get my ADSL line [email protected]$? but I paid! and Orange got the money and their system noticed that I paid and it was back online why not the ADSL line? is their phone system smarter than their ADSL system? did they buy the ADSL system from a bureaucrat country? WHY DO I HAVE TO FILE A REQUEST AFTER PAYING EVERYTHING? AND WHY THEY DID NOT MENTION THAT WHEN THEY ASKED FOR THE 87 JDS OR WHY THEY DIDN'T FILL IT FOR ME WHEN I PAID?

Same applies to Orange Mobile or better known as MobileCom, yesterday I paid my mobile bills but today morning I received a text message asking me to settle my bill which was paid exactly 24 hour earlier! and on the other hand I didn't receive my 20 JD insurance from another line that I disconnected three years ago.

Call me a technology challenged person but I don't understand how Orange (Land and Mobile) systems work, I wish I do.

The short version of this story would be, I paid 140 JDs 24 hours ago for ADSL, landline and mobile; and still I don't have ADSL line back and I'm receiving bill reminder.


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