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What I want out of eReaders

Big companies like Amazon, Apple and Sony are fighting for the best device to deliver digital books and I'm loving that as it will only increase get consumer more features for less but yet content is everything I care about. I'm a book geek, I don't mind reading on iPhone, my Mac Book or buy an eReader as long as I can get the content I'm interested in. Kindle is more than a device Kindle seems to have advantage over any current competitor or even the rumored one, Apple tablet. The advantages as I see them are in the large collection of books that amazon have plus the new publishers program, add to that the Soft Kindle on Windows, iPhone and Mac (Coming soon). Basically you should look at Kindle as a service accessible everywhere unlike any other devices that are just devices. We don't know much about the rumored Apple tablet but the competition would be to get more out of those who fancy getting an eReader rather than using the Soft ones. I like the idea of getting