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Launch2Net Premium - 3G Internet Connection Manager

Launch2Net Premium is a modern 3G Internet connection manager that gives you the ability to connect to your 3G network, download PrePaid data service, share your connection with your wifi enabled apliances and gives you highly detailed statistics. Using it, you will not need to switch into another software when you change your 3G sim card.
Out of my almost two weeks of personal experience with Launch2Net Premium, I'm more than satisfied and I'm getting an extra feature with it. Launch2Net signal bar is far more accurate than the ones my 3G dongle provides and it's way easier to start the Mobile Hub.
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Connect to the Internet. Anytime, everywhere. Connect a surfstick to your Mac and run launch2net Premium. After a short while, you are connected to the Internet. Without the need to enter any connection details or to search for modem drivers. Works worldwide with most network providers and modems.

PrepPaid Support. Use launch2net Premium to find a network provider which offes PrePaid data services and to avoid high data roaming fees abroad. Stop worrying about connection settings and use your mobile Internet connection anytime, everywhere.

Share your connection with your iPad, iPod and other devices. With launch2net Premium, you can share your mobile Internet connection instantly with all WLAN capable devices. Our 'Mobile Hub' turns your Macintosh into a WLAN access point with just one click.

Connection Statistics. launch2net Premium offers a very powerful connection statistics. See which user and which SIM card was using up online time and data volume at a glance. See all roaming connections, all home network connections and precise details of every connection.


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