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My Nexus One trip - The beauty of Mashup service

One of the things that I hate most about International shipments is speed, but now with it's interesting as I get to watch the package moving on Google Maps until it gets to my door (Not precisely as it's going to a friend who's flying to Jordan one day after the delivery) . One got to love the beauty of mashed up service! CrunchBase Information Nexus One Google Maps Information provided by CrunchBase [tags] Nexus One, Shipment Tracking, USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, AirBorne,, google maps[/tags]

The value of iPhone and will Android compete with that?

Year ago, I bought my iPhone 3G 16GB for 199 JOD ($281) with one year commitment which I don't have a problem with since I never changed my mobile provider ever since I got a mobile number. Week ago, I sold my iPhone for 290 JOD ($409) that means I made 91 JOD ($128) in a year of using iPhone, add to that the 75 JOD (105) loyalty points that I made too! In short, my iPhone costed me 33 JOD ($44). Once I sold it, I added 70 JOD ($100) and purchased Google Nexus One phone. Now, Will Google Nexus One compete with that? CrunchBase Information Nexus One iPhone 3G Information provided by CrunchBase [tags] GSM, iPhone 3G, Google, Nexus One, Android, Money, loyalty points[/tags]

Things I didn't miss about iPhone

I just switched back to my old Sony Ericsson K530i because now I'm using the phone more as a phone! Although my Sony Ericsson is very old by now but I still can talk for hours without the threats of battery level. Battery is one thing I hated about iPhone 3G. I really appreciate the idea of iPhone, it's very innovative device but yet I wouldn't consider it a mobile phone until they extend the battery life. CrunchBase Information Sony Ericsson iPhone 3G Information provided by CrunchBase [tags] Sony Ericsson K530i, iPhone 3G, Battery life[/tags]