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Friday prayers should be against stupidity

Just like aridness years we should dedicated a prayer for stupidity in the Muslim world instead of chopping our heads with the over repeated speech while almost yelling at us! we should be praying that we will not encounter such stupidity next year or the purpose of our existence is nil.

Top court lenient on ’honor killing’
84 Afghan girls hospitalized in apparent poisoning

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  1. What a sin it is to make prayers and sermons boring. Hate to say it, but I know I could preach a more inspirational, practical, impacting sermon than the imam at the mosque near me. But Christian women don't preach from the pulpit (only on blogs). ;)

    What a greater sin it must be to have Islam defamed by courts and actions such as these. These judges and male leaders are doing much worse for the cause of your faith than any cartoon.

  2. william L JohnsonMay 18, 2009 at 2:26 PM

    jad; most deffenetly a good dayly prayr. espeshaly if you are new to computer! also how about praying for devine intervention; and also with my arrabic laungeg course i pray for toung;s. ser; your site was just what i was looking for. as a young teen a friend would teach me from his koran as it was not in english. i also had a barber who was a jew my father took me two. ill never foeget my friend;s words quote when allah oppens your eye;s you will see it in your own book. i was told this as of 13 years of age and a second muslim friend told me the same thing in 1989. whell ive had 2 korans stollen befor i could study them and i know have a explanatory koran i am reading. i also have a deep secret love and experyence with islam. please forgive my spelling but i consentrate on other thing;s . my mother told me my father was arabic and Itallian. i was raised a nazzeriene then i went from one religion to another as i was a history buff and science buff. i also would like to welcome missQueen to islam . my koran;s where stolen as a chield i was taught that if you reed the koran you will never turn back to christyanaty. as a 13 year old i was pulled 3 way;s plus evill. ha ha ha ha allah will allway;s win espeschaly if you listen to your hart.willy

  3. jad; the jew;s condem the lord;s prayer when it is repeated as they condem the repatishions of the catholic;s as repatishins keep you from progreshion. that;s one of the reasons alah opened my eyes to the truth in the new as whell as the old testament as i did not get stuck in repatishious zionist fabracation;s. thus turning to the light as christ said and also the verses on balam an balac and those who bow to the east in the old testament. the nazaren;s keept the sun doun sabbath as do the muslim;s and jew;s and assembled on sunday. in the book of mathue joeseph had to have spocken egiption in order to take marry to egipt. thuse the interrpratour;s destroyed his ansestery to cover up his oragin;s to destroy the erly islamic involvment in christyanaty. balam an balac those who bow to the east in the old testament willy


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