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My name now is Gaza Jad Madi

Facebook started to delete anti zionist content, we need to draw the maximum attention to Gaza cause, changing your first name into Gaza should help.

My name now is Gaza Jad Madi

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  1. great idea
    i requested to change ma 1st name to Gaza now but FB said that it takes up to 24 hours to approve it after reviewing the name :S

  2. I've changed it
    my name is now: Gaza Zeinab Samir

  3. [...] blogger Jad Madi, who describes himself as simply “Middle Eastern,” changed his name to “Gaza Jad Madi” today after discovering Facebook's alleged biases: Facebook [...]

  4. What is the reason why they are removing the content? the images too bloody? hate speech?

    I don't see how changing my name would really help anything.

  5. Nizar,
    Honestly nothing other than drawing attention.

  6. Guys it's a normal behavior ,"Mak" who invent the face book community is "Jewish"

  7. @ هوندا

    Actually it's sick and unfair at all measures.
    When the content is against Zionism, it gets wiped into oblivion immediately. But when it's against Islam or even Christianity, it's left there, never gets deleted at all as if no crime is being committed at all, no matter how bad and racist it is.

    How, on Earth is this fair?

    However, I myself got sick of FB and deactivated my account a couple of weeks ago.

  8. [...] jordaniano Jad Madi, que descreve a si mesmo simplesmente como “do Oriente M√©dio”, mudou seu nome [En] no site para “Gaza Jad Madi” hoje depois de descobrir as alegadas censuras no [...]

  9. hmm, good strategy, i think there is one better, lets delete our facebook accounts all together :) still wont affect a thing but it will set our mindsets into a new direction, a rejecting mindset, im fedup with playing hide and seek
    although i think being on facebook really helps deliver lots of messages, you gotta understand it no longer is letting the world know, the world already knows, its letting our selves know, what the way out is...

    on another point, do you have evidence they took down anti-zionist content? or is this another emotional break-down?

  10. Mariam Ayyash
    Follow the link.

  11. Denuncian una supuesta censura de Facebook en los contenidos sobre el conflicto palestino-israel?? | Daniel Ivoskus - Blog de Comunicacion y Nuevas TecnologiasJanuary 6, 2009 at 9:16 PM

    [...] publica en Twitter que Facebook no le permite usar las ‚Äúhashtags‚Äù #gaza o #palestine. Y el blogger jordano Jad Madi ha cambiado su nombre por el de ‚ÄúGaza Jad Madi‚Äù despu?©s de leer una denuncia de censura del blogger palestino Shuger [...]

  12. [...] ÿ¨ÿßÿØ ŸÖÿßÿØŸäÿå ŸàÿߟÑÿ∞Ÿä ŸäÿµŸÅ ŸÜŸÅÿ≥Ÿá ÿ®ÿ®ÿ≥ÿßÿ∑ÿ© ÿ®ÿ£ŸÜŸá “ÿ¥ÿ±ŸÇ ÿ£Ÿàÿ≥ÿ∑Ÿä” ÿ∫ŸäŸëÿ± ÿßÿ≥ŸÖŸá ÿߟџäŸàŸÖ ÿ•ŸÑŸâ “ÿ∫ÿ≤Ÿëÿ© ÿ¨ÿßÿØ ŸÖÿßÿØŸä” Ÿàÿ∞ŸÑŸÉ ÿ®ÿπÿØ ÿ£ŸÜ ÿߟÉÿ™ÿ¥ŸÅ [...]

  13. i dont know man i followed the link, still didnt get any authentic news, ya3ni who is this dude? what is his profile? i know ur gonna say this cannot be proved but we are all stating anti-zionist content on facebook, shelme3na noone talked to us? im not defending by the way, i know it could happen, i just think it looks to me more of a demoralizing strategy by our enemy... that is plausible isnt it?

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