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Updates & Random thoughts

  1. I'm not sure why people queue to buy iPhone but not to buy Kindle and I'm not sure why Kindle cannot be sold or shipped to anyone outside U.S

  2. Eagle eye is scary to be true

  3. Berkeley classes podcasts are just amazing, are there any other university doing the same?

  4. We are preparing for Ubuntu Week at Jordan University, special thanks to IEEE Jordan for the invitation

  5. Ubuntu Podcast is getting better

  6. There is no proven scientific way to run away from politics while in Middle East

  7. Philosophy & Political books are the best

  8. Finally we have 8MB ADSL in Jordan

  9. Budgeting my budget to renew my ACM, PHP|Arch, PyMag and hoping for Economist subscription plus allocating $500 for books

  10. I believe I'm back

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  1. Why would someone want to spend money on the junk that is the kindle when you can read books on your iphone (pdf/html/txt), browse the web, read and compose mail, listen to music or podcasts, watch movies, talk on the phone, use VoIP, send sms, use a goddamn terminal window, ssh login, share files with windows computers, and so much more? And you can do all that with FREE SOFTWARE.
    Therein lies your answer.

  2. Actually MIT was one of the first large universities to offer free online class info. Their site is:
    As a matter of fact, a large number of universities do this now. There is a consortium to track and make it easy to find them all here:

  3. The Kindle uses the Sprint EVDO network via Amazon Whispernet and it only works in the US that's why its not sold outside the US.

  4. Rudd-O
    Are you comparing Kindle screen size, number of download-able books and their prices to iPhone? I do have something better that iPhone, I have Nokia N800 but still Kindle is made for reading unlike other gadgets that you have to tweak it to read.
    Yeah I understand that but you still can use it with normal wifi spots, isn't that right? I mean the Sprint network is about pushing books to your device rather than pulling and I'm fine with pulling books via my wifi.

  5. @Ruddo:
    iPhone free software .. riiight.
    For a good PDF experience you need at least 800 pixels in one dimension. And you just cannot compare e-ink with a LCD displays.

  6. iPhone: beautiful. Kindle: ugly. Any questions?
    Personally, I prefer the Nokia N810 for e-books. A gorgeous backlit 225 dpi screen, with free software inside.

  7. [...] bookmarks tagged blog Updates & Random thoughts - Jad Madi saved by 3 others     gli0444 bookmarked on 11/29/08 | [...]

  8. Leaving aside aesthetics... the Kindle's a decent ebook reader, but it's far too closely tied to Amazon's store. It doesn't accept standard formats you might find on the web (say, PDF) and the books you download for it are DRM'd and only work on the Kindle.
    If I buy a book for the Kindle, I can't lend the book to a friend. Heck I could only lend it to my fiancée by sharing an account or passing the device between us. Nor can I use the Kindle to read the thousands of books I already own, sitting on my shelf waiting for me to read or re-read them.
    Say what you will about the iPhone, but it'll play music and video and read documents that you get elsewhere -- they make it easy to buy DRM'd stuff from the iTunes Store but you're not trapped there. All my existing music (CD or MP3) is playable on my iPhone. All my existing DVD videos can be ripped and played on my iPhone. If I've got existing ebooks as PDFs, I can read those on the iPhone too with an extra app.
    (Apps are a slightly different story... you're stuck in the iTunes App Store walled garden, but it's at least theoretically open to all comers... unless they randomly decide they don't like your app and won't sell it!)

  9. Hi Jad,
    1- Ubuntu Jordan LoCo team are always welcome in University of Jordan, I hope that I can help but I am busy with the graduation project. I think the guys will do their best.
    2- For the podcasts, I am not sure what is the material. However, I think is more effective :)

  10. Jeff Schroeder,
    I know about MIT but they don't have their courses in the form of a Podcast, for reason or another following up with a Podcast style classes is easier and more organised.
    There is an experiment support for PDF in Kindle now and I believe it will get better by time and as for lending books to friends I go by the role Never lend a book if someone want one of my books I will give it as a present as I have my own protocols when it comes to books, I have 12 years old books and they look like new although I tend to leave some comments inside them.
    Ramy Eid
    We do understand that it's hard for students to help us during their graduation year, we wish you a very good luck in your graduation project.


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