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Water is a PRECIOUS resource in Jordan since it is a small country with limited natural resources. Recently, it has been rated among the 4 most water-poor countries in the world ( a massive blow when compared to position 10 a few years ago).

Growing populations and ongoing drought are squeezing our water resources dry, causing natural habitat degradation and impacting our everyday use of water. We have no choice but to pay more attention to how we are using water, and how we may be wasting it. We must bridge the gap between our understanding of how important water is to our survival and what we can do to ensure that we have an adequate supply of clean water for years to come.

LET"S GET THE COMMUNITY INVOLVED! Every drop counts and every person can make a difference.
Let's plant the seeds of selflessness, courage and community spirit. The Earth is One country and Mankind is its citizen!

The Campaign against Climate Change (UK) and the Call to Action (Jordan) are proud to have presented our first event in Jordan (2007) "Global Climate Campaign -Call to Action Fest2007, Jo" and hope to continue this annual tradition of spreading public awareness concerning environmental issues we are all facing.

This year, coinciding with the UN Climate Talks (MOP 3, COP 13), the Campaign Against Climate Change (UK) intends to synchronise an INTERNATIONAL ACTION DAY AGAINST CLIMATE CHANGE on December 6th to call on world leaders to push for the urgent and radical action. Up till now more than 70 countries have signed up!

The CACC's -Call to Action in Jordan movement in collaboration with the Great Amman Municipality and GTZ are proud to invite you to the "Every Drop Counts" 2008 Initiative for a weekend of fun excercise FREE of charge.

Join us at the "Every Drop Counts" 2008 Bike Rally on Saturday, December 6th with Tareef Cycling Club.

Details: a 20km bike ride with professional guides, technical assistance & refreshment stops set up by RedBull.
Assembly point: King Hussein Park
Registration @9:30 am
A couple of Speeches in addition to a bike show will signal the start of the ride.
First bike out @9:45 am and Last bike in @12:00 noon.
(Ps. Bikes are available on 1st come 1st serve bases.
You could also bring your own bike with you!)

For more information please call:
Nader 0776426625, 0799142273.
For English Ammar 0776742472.

Or Facebook Event
Global Climate Campaign - Call to Action in Jordan

Tareef Cycling Club.
If NOT HERE, where? If NOT NOW, when? If NOT US, who? Let's show the world that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens CAN indeed change the world!

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