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Public Security Directorate are getting quality they are almost a private company or even better.

Last Sunday I wanted to issue No Criminal Record Certificate and honestly I was prepared for the worst and was mentally prepared to wait all the day long at least and I even had some chocolate, chew gym and got my tablet to play some chess while waiting but I was mistaken.

When I saw the number of people in the queue I was seriously thinking to go back home but since I needed it and since I was mentally prepared and equipped with my tablet I decided to be patient but surprisingly the queue were moving really fast, the officers there were so efficient and polite I can even compare them to many private companies and many well salaried employees, namely Orange, I usually spend 30 up to 45 minutes just to pay my bill, YES to pay, I mean to give them some good 50 JOD every month I have to wait 30-45 good minutes and I'm paying three JDs to PSD to get my certificate and it's like once in a life time it took less than 45 minutes to get issued with five certified copies of original.

Another good incident happened two days ago when I was coming back from Ma'an a police officer waived to me to stop although I wasn't speeding because of Road winds waiting for things to get back to normal he greeted me and others in car and of course asked for driving license and car license and then he told me that they have a free tea and coffee in their next stop and he advised me to stop there and rest for 30 minutes if I'm tired or if I drove for more than three hours on row.

Honestly when he stopped me I was thinking if I have enough money to pay whatever ticket he would give me at the same time I was sure that I wasn't speeding because in general I stick to the speeding limit regardless if it's a highway road crossing villages or my weekly climbing against the winds from Dead Sea to Amman and I accuse some propagandists for that.

Recently we started to see some female patrols in Amman, which I consider a very healthy step, believe me in many cases it's better to deal with a women than a man.

Finally I salute PSD efforts especially when it comes to dealing with civilians in an efficient and a human to human manner

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