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Chechen resistance and News coverage

Why nobody is covering news about Chechen? starting from the current conditions there up to Chechen resistance, why suddenly all news is about Palestine and Iraq, aren't they Muslims just like us with a cause that been there for hundred of years?

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  1. aren’t they Muslims just like us with a cause that been there for hundred of years?

    Religious wars? That's all that matters? That's kind of sad. You are going to be sorry if the rest of the world takes the same attitude.

  2. Craig
    You are one of my favourite readers :-) you tend to change the topic to the one you like hehe.

    Ok, can you explain to me and to the other readers how did you extracted religious wars but not humanitarian issues?

  3. thanks for the cultural enlightenment, our hearts are with all Muslims and freedom fighters around the world, hope someday we'll be able to stand together ..
    thx for the share

  4. I don't understand what you are asking me. Your statement seems to be saying that you support the Muslims in any conflict, whether they are right or wrong.

    Did I misunderstand?

  5. Amjad Mahfouz
    Thank you :-)

    No and I don't understand how you reached such conclusion.
    I'm not with religious wars nor any war; I was wondering why there is no news coverage about their cause as it used to be; why all news agencies focusing on Palestine and Iraq only when we got Chechnya too.


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