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Now we have around 10 glossy monthly magazine but yet I never felt like subscribing to any of them, maybe because it's easy to get the one I read whenever I want or because they lack the quality that would make one tempting to subscribe, or it could be the over price tag.

The closest magazine that I was going to subscribe to was iMagazine and JO at some point and still considering them, yet I cannot decide if I'm going to do it or not although they hypnotize me with their King Hussein Issue The Caucasian Issue.

Local glossy magazines should reconsider their pricing schema, this week I subscribed to four International well reputable magazines at the cost of a single subscription of a local glossy one?

National Geographic Magazine - $15
National Geographic Adventure Magazine - $10
National Geographic - Traveler Magazine - $12
EOS Magazine : $35

Total: $72 which makes JOD 51 and let me double that for the cost of Aramex Shop&Ship and still I'm in range of JOD 100, even trebling the cost wouldn't make the total cost per issue a $3.1.

Now the range of JOD 100 would make four local magazines subscription but the different reside in the quality; Articles, Photos and even Ads (They're almost Ads free compared to local ones) in National Geographic & EOS magazine are original while local magazines mostly talks about same stuff, so buying three different magazines would be like reading same article again and again.

Even if I want to go with Economist subscription I'd be the winner, their annual subscription covers 51 issues for $182 and that make it a $3.6 per issue and here we are talking about the most valuable magazine one would ever subscribe to.

One more thing that makes International subscription much more valuable, they tend to send gifts starting from pocket guides ending with some accessories when local magazines will send you A FREE EXTRA ADVERTISEMENT BROCHURE!!!

Shall we talk a bit about online magazines? well, we can't because none of local magazines has online subscription, some has Directory Listing Denied but others has a good one but it's a company website rather than an online magazine and it's for iMagazine.

For now, I'm going to stick with those International magazines.

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