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2008 predictions

Happy new year to all of my friends and enemies too, do I have enemies? Gwaider happy new year! Bakkouz Happy new year! Blogospher happy new year!

I have couple of things to share with you today, I had a dream yesterday and I can tell you what will happen in 2008, yes yes, it was one of those dreams that you feel you were there for real and you wake up with little shock.

    Technology predictions
  1. Apple iPhone will be released in Canada

  2. Bill Gates will go home

    Sport predictions
  1. Al Faisali will eat more cups.

  2. Liverpool arena will be completed.

  3. Ghana will host the African Cup of Nations

  4. Super Bowl XLII will be held in Arizona

  5. Formula 1 in Australia

  6. US Golf

  7. Summer Olympics, China

    Political predictions
  1. Election in Georgia, Pakistan, Russia, France, Iran, China, Paraguay, UK and Dominican Republic

  2. Rick Hillier will go home

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  1. Happy New Year, Jad the Man!! Enjoy your new toys!!

  2. More sport predictions:
    1-) Al Faisali will finish second in each competition.
    2-) AC Milan will win nothing this year.
    3-) Real Madrid will win the Champions League.
    4-) Germany will win Euro 2008.
    5-) Jordan will remain miserable and be knocked out of the WC 2010 by the two Koreas.

  3. Kinzi
    Same to you :-) as for the toys, I'm dying to put my hands on; you know that feeling hehe ;)

    Batir Wardam
    Al-Faisali doing that because they have a mercy :p

  4. You didn't mention Lebanon in your predictions?? Please check again !!

    My best wishes to you for a good year inshallah :)

  5. Ya meet habby nyoo yeer abulmadii ..:)
    Sami7na ... tayaran o ma rayaran

  6. Happy New Year!

    Inshallah nshoofak 3arees bil 08!

  7. Noura
    Same to you but I'm sure all magicians will try to stay away from Lebanon these days. :-)

    7abeeeb galbi enet

    God forbid, Happy new year. same wishes to you!


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