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Thumbs up - City mall & Carrefour security

Most of Jordanians are aware of the rudeness, randomness and the low level that Mecca mall security have, they would let a teenager get it but not a decent 35 years old man (whom wife is waiting for him inside) and many other stories ending up with the unreasonably big fight they made three months ago.

On the other side, Carrefour & City mall security are just awesome people, maybe because they have to deal with different class of people, at least teenagers wouldn't be interested in Virgins or the quite coffee shops at the mall nor they are responsible for family shopping but seriously their security folks are amazing.

Why City mall & Carrefour security are so amazing?

  1. They always tend to smile

  2. They are polite especially those who scan your car looking for cookies.

  3. They have a uniform; you can tell if this person is a security and has the right to stop you or not unlike Mecca mall gangsters

  4. They seems to be well trained, they know what they're doing and they know how to deal with people even with those 24hr angry people

I wish Mecca Mall could apply same approach, a trained security team with a smile not a gangster of fake body building team.

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  1. I wish you take pics of the places you're talking about - our company is located in ABou 6aweela plaza BTW

  2. Jad, your thumbs up will finally get me over to see that place. I'll tell them you sent me. :)

  3. Chika
    Use google earth :p

    I can't imagine that you haven't been to Carrefour or City Mall yet.

  4. Heh-heh, Jad, yea, I am sort of an anti-shopping rebel.How wierd for an American woman! I suppose parenting, blogging and working may have something to do with it too.

  5. This is so true, I've had the same experience with both mall's security.

    Mecca mall seem to put little regard to their customer's satisfaction, and the goons they have at the enterance are there less for security than to enforce the managements idea of racism. (i.e. we decide who's allowed to shop in here).

  6. I will tell you a little story that may change your mind about the City Mall security.

    This happened during my vacation last summer in Amman, I had my family and my camera and was taking photos around the mall.

    I went to the parking lot to smoke and took a few shots of my car parked there (OLD Toyota Tercel).

    Two security guys approach and asked me questions on why I was taking photos, to which I replied that it is my car and I want to take photos of it. Of course, I know the law in Jordan on photography, so I knew that there is nothing wrong with what I am doing.

    They explained that I am not allowed to do that, to which I said "I don't see any signs saying that, and you have no right to lay down rules verbally", and I can clearly see that this is not the response they are used to.

    Any case, I finished my cigi and went back into the mall, thinking that was it.

    To my surprise I found a better dressed more official looking security guy with a walky-talky, standing at the door to the parking lot. He said to me "لو سمحت، ممنوع التصوير هون",
    Me: وين مكتوب هالحكي
    Him (in threatening voice) : وين مكتوب؟!! طيب خليك واقف هون.
    Mind you I have my family with me at the time, so I just smiled and said ŸÑÿ£, And continued to walk to my car, and I can see this guy following me to my car.
    We hopped in, I started the car, and he was standing in front of the car a bit to the left and I could hear him talking on the walky-talky saying : "ابعتولي سيارة المخابرات".
    Now that pissed me off as much as it made me laugh.

    I thought that may be when he sees my indifference, he will tell the guys on the walky-talky to send in Abu Rijil Maslokha and may later on the boogey man.

    Needless to say, I drove home with a bitter experience and a determination to not visit City Mall ever again.

    I tried to understand why this happened, and the best I can come up with is that they think of us as sheep that they control, as opposed to free people who they should be protecting.

  7. Kinzi
    yeah, you are a weird american blond kinzi :p

    Hani Obaid
    I totally agree but I still think the behaviour of Mecca Mall security is because of the people class they have to deal with and by class I include age and education.

    Sari Al-Hiari
    Dude, this is an incomplete story, you got to tell us what happened when the Intelligence Service car arrive.

    anyway, I do agree that there should be a sign telling what's not allowed; however, (you will hate me now) for a security guy who would never understand why someone would be photographing his car in that parking, he will start (yedrob akhmas be asdas) thinking you are doing that on purpose for some illegal reason.

    Sari, you said three of them approached you one by one, which is a good sign, in Mecca Mall you will end up fighting with the first one, no second or this option :-)

    and even the last one wasn't that impolite dude, he was speaking in a threatening way but that's one of things that he's allowed to do in some cases, finally What happened when the IS car arrive ?

  8. I will not hate you because of this, I've always hated you. :)

    Part of the point was that there is NO intelligence service car, I should have made that clearer.

    He was trying to scare me, largely because he knows it works on most people, but also because he knows he can do nothing.

    And I didn't want to write a very long comment, but what I told the first 2 security guys was exactly that I understand their concern and why they are asking, and it makes me feel safe in their mall that they are checking that. But it still does not give them the right to issue new laws. (It takes parliament to do that).

    And btw, I've seen those MIB type SECURITY people in Mekka Mall. And I must agree, it doesn't make me feel safe to see them, it makes me feel threatened.

  9. I love them, they never let me put my bag under the detector, be5rab el laptop (they always say that).

    in Mecca Mall, once they made me do that and since then i stopped vising Baghdad, gasdi mecca mall.

  10. In my place security guards are very impolite. For the bank's guard they act like they own the bank. I hate them.

  11. eh ya jad

    wala amazing wala ishi

    i had a fight with the girl at the door,she said walk in and i did then she followed me,wain wain haty il shanta..and i said u said walk in ..zinkha..boozha shebrain.. 2oltelha fathsi yakhti

    but i dont mind this its neccessary i feel safer.

    i wanted to write zaman 3an carrfour and city mall but differant things..maybe i will

  12. Sari
    dude, you look very terrorist :p

    Yeah, I like that about them.

    I believe they pick hard-hearted on purpose, anyway what they do is to protect us and we should respect that and THEY have to respect our understanding by being bit nicer.

    Maybe you look like Sajida ? :p J/k.
    I have heard many times that women would appreciate the moment she could humiliate another women, I guess you should have asked to be scanned by a man :p

  13. Any time you give a regular person any type of power over another one, there bound to be abuse of reponsibilities especially in our part of the world..For some reason they interpret the power in a different way and use their position to intimidate others and actually enjoy it..
    Well,you have to put a positive spin on it, at least you have a mall to go to and the other person is jordanian like you..I've left a comment somewhere else saying that I'll trade your problems for the ones we have in Lebanon in a heart beat..

  14. Moey lool, its is True,, it is Baghdad! shnoo 3eeenii!!
    Its should be Baghdad Mall, or Iraqi Mall.
    and its true, i like City Mall Security more than Mecca Mall.


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