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Ok, No more ADSL for me using Tedata, Orange or any land-phone based Internet provider, I have 1Mbs account with Tedata and in the last 72 hours I had lots of speed drop especially on HTTP requests; I was able to download and hitchhike from server to another at 72Kbs but HTTP at 6.3 at max but my decision isn't because of this unexpected drop.

I made the decision to move into naked ADSL for many reasons, starting from the fact that land-line Internet customer services, are either trained to give lies or they think all of their customers cannot tell the difference between a laptop and a microwave.

I called Tedata three times complaining about the situation, the guy said go to my computer, right click on network icon ...I said wait, I don't have windows and I'm able to diagnose the problem and I can confirm that it's from your side NOT mine nor JTC.

again, he said I guess you have a virus that eating up your network and again I had to explain that I'm running a virus free operating system but because he never heard of it he kept blaming my network, JTC or my OS.

I'm not saying this wont happen with Umax, regardless if you go with Batelco Umax or Umnia Umax (they're the same, right?) but at least you will be pushing for new Internet generation in Jordan, although I understand that there is no advantage of going with Umax now because you are not getting a cheaper price or a cheaper setup, basically you pay the same amount of money you used to pay to your Internet service provider and to JTC but this time you pay it for a single company and if you are expecting a small Umax device then you are mistaken; in short your connection isn't that portable unless 4x4 cars fit in your definition of portable.

Still not sure with whom should I go, Umnia, Batelco or should I wait a month or two until they stabilise their service and hopefully provide a smaller WiMax devices just like those we see with Qtell and Zain Kuwait, or even wait until Zain launches their Umax (They have a 7.2Mbs in Kuwait)

The decision is hard and yet we haven't heard many feedback on Umax reliability but again, I'm going for Umax not sure if I'll directly switch on 20th Dec or wait until the new year or so, all we need is a decent (even if ripped) Internet connection, I don't mind paying for 1024 and receiving 750 but NOT 60 at all, eh Tedata.


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