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Fancy .. yet .. non-alcoholic!

Serving Alcohol in Jordanian restaurants and cafes has become as popular as serving coffee and more popular than serving water, if you ask the lovely waiter from Philippine for cup of water, ice tea, slush (NOT Smoothie) or a milkshake s/he will give you weird look.

Having alcohol in cafes are restaurants isn't cool as many think especially when all uncool folks will be around the alcoholic place and of course they will drive back to home, DRUNK.

Chuparosa is a newly established cafe and they advertise themselves as Fancy .. yet .. non-alcoholic! exactly, things can be fancy without serving alcohol.

Being against serving alcohol in restaurants and cafes doesn't mean I have religious reasons, although they do affect my opinion on this matter but there are many reasons behind such opinion, I mean if you want alcohol go to bar, enjoy your life and then call parents, family or one of your friends to drive you back home and you are lucky if you live close to Rover's Return, go home walking, OK?

Drinking in Jordan and especially among Muslims Jordanians NOT Christians is matter of showing off, losing control, forgetting about your babe and not enjoying a lite-shot of it, if you want me to elaborate then I can tell you that I have never seen a Christian friend drunk but have seen many Muslims friends drunk, losing control and then doing mistakes like sharing private stories or going out fighting with anyone (fortunately not with people sitting with him :D).

Just to make myself clear, I'm not against serving alcohol but against making it very public and easy to get, at least because we have unreasonable generation, our drivers are crazy enough without drinking and we have enough anger that the whole World Alcohol wont serve it.

by the way, Chuparosa has a facebook group!

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  1. That's what I think... they wanna do it, don't go crazy public - God knows what assholes - excuse ma french - would do with th eay access, as if we need more nuts on the streets - well, we I am - it is forbidden bas the other day at a hotel, a guy pulls up a bottle o serves a group of people waiting in the cafe! I went crazy bas again, I always am! So no one cares.. end of story! oh, I ain't anonymous to many out there ;)

  2. I was thinking about blogging about this the other day when I noticed their sign. I thought to myself that it's kind of ironic, that a restaurants in a Muslim nation has to be pointed out as "non-alcoholic" amidst all the predominantly alcoholic establishments.

    The times they are a changin'

  3. Will we see the our cops asking drivers to walk a straight line with their left hand in the air and their right hand on their nose soon ?

    How will they be able to tell the drunk drivers from the normal insane ones ?!

  4. well, Jad alcohol is not connected to any religion, I have many christian friends who go drunk and dizzy too, I lived with christians! damn it my uncles are still.. so it's not about religion, some christians do not drink too!

  5. drink driving and underage dririnking needs to be heavily punishedOctober 8, 2007 at 3:25 PM

    Drinking in Jordan and especially among Muslims Jordanians NOT Christians is (a) matter of showing off, losing control, forgetting about your babe...

    insightful and brilliant generalizing assessment.
    can you please elaborate more on the reasons behind drinking among say for example Muslim Jordanians from Palestinian origins between the ages of 8-12 but who happened to study in christian schools!

  6. Nas
    It's funny but yet very useful, many people will appreciate good and cool places that doesn't serve alcohol.

    I don't know about the techniques to tell who is drunk and who is not but it's easy to tell who's driving crazy and who's not.

    Drinking and getting drunk isn't abuse by itself but the result of getting drunk especially if one decided to go back home driving.

    Actually alcohol is connected to religion especially Islam, it's one of the few things that Allah said it's totally forbidden in The Holy Quran.

    Anyway, I'm not a scholar, social reconciler and I'm not even well educated when it come to religions. I'm just a pragmatic person, trying to deal with reality and have the right to choose what to support and where to go.

  7. drink driving and underage dririnking needs to be heavily punishedOctober 8, 2007 at 5:47 PM

    You have the right to support whatever you want, but you do not have the right to make base-less generalization statements, and presenting them as facts.

    On a separate note, and without getting too deep in fatawi and religious studies, and just to separate common belief from actual text, the Quran never explicitly states that it is forbidden (huh?). The most strict and latest stage of banning comes in the form of “alcohol is the make of the devil ….avoid it" (in the famous verse of alcohol and gambling)which is not exactly the strongest forbidding language.. The Quran, which according to scholars is known to PRECISELY select its words and their usages, could have easily said (alcohol is forbidden….) just like it did in regards to (blood, dead animals and pork) in their relative famous verse. Even the whipping punishment (is a disputed issue.

    Of course this is all irrelevant to your personal opinion regarding alcohol,places who serve it or the people who drink it, but it will be appreciated if you separate personal opinions from facts.

  8. Angry anonymous
    Hello, Calm down :-)
    No, I don't have such statistics nor I claim to have any kind of statistics, what I said is my personal experience with friends and yes maybe I should have stated that.

    I'm not generalising as much as (again) talking about personal experience with friends.

    As for the famous Aya (Arabic)
    O Ye who believe! intoxicants and gambling, sacrificing to stones, and (deviation by) arrows, are am abomination, -- of Satan's handi-work: eschew such (abomination), that ye may prosper.

    it says ejtaniboh which is a bit different from the translation Avoid it.

    Ejtaniboh means stay away from it, not just drinking but buying, selling, drinking and even injecting yourself, and this is why some scholars said some perfume might be Haram as it has alcohol in it and you are putting alcohol on your body.


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