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Picanto VS Atos

Long story short, I'm in paradox of choice, I want to buy a brand new car with budget around 8000 so it's Kia Picanto or Hyundai Atos

Hyundai has been in Jordan's street for quite long time and so Kia, Atos designed to look like a washing machine while Picanto is cute and colourful.

Hyundai bought Kia or or Kia work under Hyundai umbrella (but not in Jordan, in Jordan they're different companies NO idea why)

If you have suggestion, recommendation, I'll be more than grateful and I might give you a drive one day :p


  1. kia picanto, atoz suxx! Getz is a better choice than atoz, but still, picanto roxx ...

    if you dont really care about fuel prices, get an opel vectra 1995 with 6000 JDs arya7lak! Mitsubishi lancer 1998-1999 is also another choice.

    if u care about fuel, and also about environment, i recommend kia picanto, fiat panda, or Citroen c2 (and kia is the cheapest)

  2. my sister in law owns an atos and it is terrible, very light and flimsy on the road..don't advise.

  3. ya3ni both are very small for our horrible streets, bass eza la bod, get Kia Picanto, o mabrook salaf :-)

  4. Ya zalameh ma ana goltellak
    etha kan wala bod one of these two options go for....

  5. hi that all prefired picanto , that is normal thing cause picanto own good disgin and look like mini sport car with outside sport panel , and i have a new one in black color its very fine car and smooth .


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