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Citizen Journalist Contest, if you have something worth saying using video

The 2007 International Alternative Channel - an independent television-over-internet news channel - launches the 2007 International Citizen Journalist Contest. This contest is open to everyone who feels they have something worth saying using video & producing a 1m30s to 3 minute video (report or testimonial).

The Alternative Channel TM audience will nominate their top 30 favorites in each category.

The final will take place from September 15th to November 15th, 2007.

A jury made up of professional journalists will choose the 3 winners in each category, and prizes will be awarded on the 1st of December 2007 during the first International “Citizen Journalism Summit”

The five award categories:

  1. Best subject “English language”

  2. Best subject “French language”

  3. Best subject “Spanish language”

  4. Best Alternative Channel “International news subject”

  5. The “Audience Choice” Award

The prizes are the following

1st Prize of each category: 10 000 €

2nd Prize of each category: 3 000 €

3rd Prize of each category: 2 000 €

The Alternative Channel TM

Television over Internet offers a real opportunity to build an alternative news media by and for worldwide citizens. The goal of The Alternative Channel TM is to offer a complementary voice to this global movement, by web casting quality TV content over the Internet produced by citizen journalists. Unconventional and non-conformist, The Alternative Channel TM is a true alternative to the stereotypes currently found in today’s traditional media. It is a response to what is becoming one of the definitive features of the way we understand our world: citizen journalism.

The Alternative Channel TM offers the capacity to deliver first-hand, frontline journalism without depending on corporate services. Our uniqueness is our democratisation of information and our ability to bypass mainstream agencies. This uniqueness also underlines our major challenge: to deliver credible information. This mandate of quality and credibility has been entrusted to The Alternative Channel TM Editorial team, whose responsibilities include accrediting our Alternative journalists as well as applying our Code of Ethics, our Journalistic Policy and our Quality chart to all videos submitted by our contributors.

The Alternative Channel TM isn’t a place for dumping clips from CNN and Al Jazeera. We are looking for journalists - people who can zero in on something and share exactly what they see. We are looking for communicators. The videos we are looking for on A-Channel manage the miracle of putting forth perspective without bias.


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