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I'm starving! and I don't want any junk food today but sounds like it's the only available :( darn, sometimes I feel that I should quit my full time job and go back to freelance days so I can enjoy ruining the kitchen but wait I can come up with cool dishes walahi!

Yes it's an Art work!
I did it again! shepsara pastra circassian food

Update: so god answered my prayers, first I called my mom and she told me that she's preparing Sheekh Makhshi!!! Two hours later she called to tell me that she ruined it (apparently it was loOOooOooOng nap!) but God would never forgot his little salve Jado!

My friend Manal called me, JAD! DO YOU WANT YOUR CAMERA? (neyahahahah! she was in UAE and I asked her to buy a camera for me) NEYAHAHAH! YES YES I DO PLEASE K THNX.

anddddddddd........ we went to Jabriiiiiiiii down town! and yes we had plenty of dishes but I'm on diet so I ordered one BIG (family sized) dish.

Jabri restaurant
Jabri restaurant
Jabri restaurant
Jabri restaurant
Jabri restaurant
Jabri restaurant

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  1. I hear ya man, I have to order from B-SNak today, although I desire house cooking :(

  2. You COOKED all these?? INTA!!??! You can COOK?!?!?!

    Wow! ;)

  3. Amjad,
    man, I loath junk food, I loath it!
    God be with you today man

    Yes :-) and I'm very good at it and recently learnt to cook more interesting stuff but arghhh my camera is broken, anyway I bought new one, so expect new delicious photos soon!

  4. yummmmmieee..

  5. Ya Jad, all I can say is "ma'sha'allah"!!! Kinzi loses her kitchen title in three easy photos. :(


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