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New video: Sexual Harassment in Cairo

Some people thought it's just one of Cairo's crowded street where people may touch each other unintentionally but this new video taken which was taken by a New Yorker visiting Cairo during al eid prove how mean and lame it was.

Two girls walking near Metro Cinema and then people start chasing and abusing them and in seconds all people in the street joined them in their Noble mission and start abusing those girls.

Meanwhile police patrols take a peak at this scene and then hide again in their truck.

Where we live for god sake?

Read more at Nora Younis's blog , Arabist blog
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  1. That is sickening.

  2. Hamzeh,
    Yes it is and it's sad to see such things in Egypt.

  3. whats all that?!! running after the two girls in huge numbers like farm animals??!! and nice police they got there!! i love egypt although i never went there (now i would think twice), and the normal people in egypt should hunt those sickening ones down and protect their dear country!! this is awful!

  4. I just cannot believe my eyes. This is happening in a Muslim country???
    Expect that people when you take Islam out of your life!

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  6. waaaaaaaaaaaaal. sho hada elfaja3!!

  7. Giving these people some porn HAS GOT to be preferable to this idiocy. But that'd be un-islamic. Somehow raping dozens of women on the street would not be.

    So let's just ignore those facts.

    This apparently happens in SA as well, but everybody trying to report this gets arrested by the "religious police". Every single one of these rapists trying to blow of some steam with porn or something else also gets lashed or worse for it.

  8. When I wrote about this issue , every one started blaming me and saying "kabbarto elmawdo3 " ... "esha3at" ... etc ...

    ok shofo elhana fi 3yonkom !!! Neyyalna !

  9. ya jama3a ya jama3a tawloo balkoo, inna ba3da athani ethm.
    lets make more sense of it, two girls coming out of the cinema, and if few guys hit on them, it is almost impossible for this huge number of people to know what the hassle is about, it does not make sense to me that they were all after the girls, i say they were all typical jordanian, gasdee egyption, they were nosy and curious wanted to know what the hassle is about... it is not "far fetched" but impossible, that among all these egyption there isnt one who still has hot blood in his veins... i say its either something was going on with the girls, or they have done something terrible to deserve the hassle... as for the rest of the crowd? just nosy people runnin...

    PS. after i have read the link given above: "Nora Younis" a commenter actually explains what happened, and to be honest, his story sounds a lot more credible...

    agool, 7asbiah alla wane3ma alwakeel, in this time of lies, low ethics and moralities, let us at least have the decency to seperate truths from lies... "itha boleytom fastatero" it is an advice for a great reason if you think about it well.

    finally: jad, I love your new design!

  10. may they burn in hell once and twice.i think those guys deserve to be tortured forever.if i was in authority i would have tortrued them myself

  11. it's very horrible i don't understand what happends for the boys?

  12. as a guy, I just cant understand this sick filth - how is terrifying, chasing and forcing your hands onto a frightened woman in any way gratifying or big?

    and how to other guys allow it and stand by and do nothing? everyone has sisters or mothers - how do they not feel a responsibility to do something?

    and as for the pig shit ignorant idiots like 'Mariam Ayyash' - there is NO civilised reason a mob should be chasing anyone, let alone 2 frightened girls and the fact that you try to justify it shows how just how wrong perceptions are. educate yourself you idiot.

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