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They think they can win

Yesterday Roba posted a sneak peak of some pictures that she received from the Ultimate Champion of the Messiest person that she started recently .

I never thought I'd ever be interested in such contest at least because I don't want my *already ruined* e-reputation but today I decided to join the crow and post the best picture I can afford in terms of messiness.

Just take in consideration that it took 30 minutes to find the digital camera and later I found it under the bed another messiness scientists would argue that this is just a sneak peak of whole room of messiness and in case this sneak peak wasn't enough to get the prize and become the champion I will unleash the real messiest photos.

I hope khalto kinzi can be fair as she's the head of judgment panel.

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  1. Jad,excuse me for asking but is that a Barbie mug you have over there?

  2. Salam,
    NO! LOL it's Barbie ma6mora :-)

  3. Ya Jad, cheater. You have to get a photo of your bed-messiness, yes, with a peak UNDER it, including the table NEXT to it.

    Don't feel bad, I can tell Bakkouz cheated too, because his bed was made. I assume not by him, as there were no dirty sock lumps visible.:)

    Hey, don't worry about your're on TOOT now!

    Salam, moms of girls hone in on that Barbie stuff, eh?

  4. first:what's a ma6mora?
    second:what's with Barbie?

  5. Kinzi,
    LoL no no no noooooo! and NOOO! I wont do it. My room look like a public closet in downtown so I'm not publishing such photo, I wont be in someone hall of shame :D

    Ma6mora means 7asaleh, A small can where you keep your coins in ?

  6. Kinzi, I did not cheat wallah! my bed is made becuase i don't sleep on the bed, i sleep on a mattress on the floor! and as for the dirty socks lumps they are visible in the other photo with the shoes !!

  7. Bakkouz, I am so sorry for this horrible accusation! :) Forgive me! I will put on my glasses for better inspection. I thought maybe you were just a little bit of a poser to try on that many outfits on one morning.

    Ya Jad, it would make you the instant winner. With a desk like that, we KNOW what the sleeping area looks like. :)

  8. 3ammi I've seen worse.

    Bas u better find a good explanation for that Barbie 7asaleh thing you have on your desk. Shoo, no more 7asalaat in the world but Barbie? Ya3i jsut coz it's a 7asaleh and not a mug, you think that makes it better?

    Anything you wanna share with us, ya Jad?

  9. Kinzi,
    hehe I can assure that sleeping area aren't usable at all.

    I told you before I'm single and L(.)(.)king for a big fat wealthy partner and because my total failure in finding the one I decided to make my own LoL

  10. jad, barbie??!!! really??!!! :P

  11. LoL bs 3ad!
    mashi 7ajeh Hal mashi


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