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Recalling memories - ARAMEX!

After reading Hal's post about Aramex first thing came to my mind was the silly incident by their employee and the second thing was to remember how did they deal with the situation.

The old inciedent was about email I received from Aramex Customer Account Executive it was announcement email but works as WARNING email as she was Kindly asking customers to come and pick their parcels within two weeks from the arrival or they will destroy the package.

Few minutes later I recieved another email from the Customer Account Manager asking us to rest assured that Aramex Shop&Ship will never destroy the package.

Honestly I wasn't that mad especially after the second email but honestly I had the feeling to post the screenshots of the two emails just to show their level of proficiency nothing less nothing more, and actually I didn't write a single word, I just posted the screenshots politly, apparently i was mistaken.

Few hours later Shop&Ship staff flooded me with their nasty comments, Actually after that incident I can understand why people killing each other in Iraq, Ok let me explain it, If Aramex customer care manager/executive dare to leave a nasty comment just because I posted screenshot of her scary (to my business at that time) email that gives uneducated religious people in Iraq many many reasons to kill each other, Got my point? either me.

Screen shots again Click to view full size.

Few days ago Hala wrote about her experience with Aramex and she was lucky to get respond from the CEO of Aramex, this is damn big change in their behavior.

I'm not sure if Aramex Special Force of nasty comments are aware of her post but you know what? I guess they are aware of it but they prefered to say Allahoma eni sayem or they stopped by their CEO's comment and decided not to use their magical power of attacking the freedom of blogs.

In conclusion, I'd like to thank Mr Fadi Ghandour in his ability to listen to customers and follow up with blogs. RESPECT DUDE :D

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  1. Where is that post? Where are Aramex's nasty comments?

  2. I actually don't know how you managed to discover this relation ship with what is going in IRAQ and dis-respect came from aramex VERY STRANGE !!!

    Don't blame Aramex, blame the culture. Do you think that only aramex does something like that to their customers? If you do? please wakeup man, there is nothing called CRM in the Arab World and all what you may see is with all my respect "Bull Shit"

    Keep Blogging, but u need to reconsider ur rul3z !!!


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