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PayPal added Jordan

Congratulations! Finally Paypal added Jordan to their countries list, damn I have been waiting for this moment for quite long time now

Why it's good to have PayPal account?

  1. Purchase Skype credit (They do not accept most of Jordanian credit cards)

  2. Renew my Flickr Pro account (Without begging my English friend to do it for me)

  3. Buy domains whenever I want without the hassle of faxing Credit card information

  4. Send and Receive money!

Ok, I'm setting up my account NOW!

Thanks moey for sharing this

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  1. This is excellent news. But there is a competing service from the Jordanian government and it's called PayWaElla. It's low tech but people say it works and it's certified by the TRC to be secure and safe and anti-alqaeda (tm)

  2. I agree with you Jad ... it is great that we have paypal now especially that it is the most secure and used worldwide ...

    I will set up my account ASAP :)

  3. [...] Wow… finally PayPal has added few Middle East countries to their list (Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Jordan). [Hat tip: Jad, Moey] [...]

  4. Jad, is this why I can't use my Arab Bank creditcard (nor my Mom's or brother) to renew my domain registration with register? Is creditcards really classified by country? I usually end up using an old creditcard I have from England, but the hassle of closing the balance is silly & dull, any suggestions?

  5. Basem,
    Exactly, Credit Cards issued from Jordanian banks are classified by country, I have Arab Bank credit card and it doesn't work with Tedata ADSL account because they have Egyptian IP class, so my transactions are always marked as fraud or do not honor.

    Another note, Arab bank credit card wont work online until send them a written request to open it for Internet purchases or International ones, else you will have to apply for Internet credit card from the same bank.

    The best is to go with HSBC credit cards or now you can do many things with a PayPal account.

  6. Hi Jad, can you please tell me where I can buy credit on PAypal in Jordan. Given I don't have a credit card, is there a method were I can go to a paypal outlet and purchase credit by paying cash? Thanks

  7. Zaid
    You just have to create a paypal account and then add your credit card credentials, it's two easy steps but the second one would take around 14 days as you have to wait for the monthly report to see the authorization code.

  8. PLease,
    Can anyone help me how Can I add get paypal card

  9. Hi Jad,

    I was googling about Jordan an Paypal and I cam across your site, I wanted to know if I can receive money through PayPal.
    Or if you know of any worldwide and online service that allows me to receive money in Jordan, that will be great.

    Thank you.

  10. Ahmad,
    The only way I know would be using or if you are lucky your payer would have a deal with

  11. no cards for paypal , you just use your internet visa card in paypal account ?

  12. yes you can now , its a dream come true at last


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