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Microsoft(R) Firefox 2007 Professional

It's not any more how certain software are good or not but it's about it's community, this is exactly what Microsoft is missing, they do not have community at all , so How about a fire foxy community with and now enhanced with extra sense of humour ?

Why use MsFirefox 2007?

  • Enjoy a Better Web Experience

  • MS Firefox 2007 delivers a dramatic boost in the download speeds of online pornography. By utilising a proprietary dynamic algorithm - anything that remotely resembles a tit or a boob will download up to 10 times faster. Fun at the speed of light!
  • Stay Secure on the Web

  • Firefox 2007's new TakeOver(TM) technology protects the Windows Kernel by automatically recognizing all McAfee and Symantec programs as viruses. Downloading has never been safer.
  • Interactive Multimedia

  • Microsoft's AKobe Phlash(TM) Plugin delivers awesome online interactive content; anything from music, videos to games. (Lawsuit from Adobe pending)
  • Personalize Your Browser

  • Choose from three excellent browsing styles! Minimized, Maximized and Fullscreen!

Download it now

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  1. Nice, with low system requirements, Firefox is perfect without any M$ magic touches .
    BTW, did u tried to download it ? :P

  2. Users still have to do the MICROSOFT GENUINE ADVANTAGE check.

    Actually many users would leave MS OS if there was any "no-geeks" friendly open source operating system.

    Many people whose WinXP is not legit are actually vulnerable since they can't upload any of the security updates.

    I've tried to get "penguinized" (remember this haj?), but I could not get it started and got bored after few minutes.

    Maybe you Jad could come with some easy to operate OPen source OS, sell it free for the first five years, get the world hooked to it, and then sell it for 200 neras.

  3. While I know your Linux religion :) I still didn't like this. I think MS doesn't deserve to be made fun of this way, at least after the release of IE7.

  4. Opairah,
    no I didn't bother downloading it

    If you love a girl you will keep chasing her and nagging her family and if you hate one you will just breakup with her.

    This is how you should deal with Linux, either because you love it's concept or because you hate your current OS.

    Why you got bored after few minutes? I used to spend hours trying to find crack or serial number for silly application when I was windows loser, Hope you can put some of this space to learn something useful dude.

    Anyway, I'm ready to give you free kick start course to Linux, just tell me your requirements, what is your daily computer work then we can arrange for that course.

    Yes, especially because it's close to Firefox 1.5 :-)

  5. Jad, I want your opinion..

    I would change to linux in a heartbeat, since I have a 30 hour course behind me and I love linux, if:

    - I can run MATLAB7, MultiSIM .. and other windows based applications, that I need for my studies and "research".
    - Play a few games..

    Basically, I can't live without some applications that run on windows. I'm not a fan of installing both OSs, I often surf and check mail while working on MATLAB.. I will end up running windows all the time.

    I imagine there would be no problem insalling linux on my HP laptop.

    shu ra2yak?

  6. Samir,
    You are hopeless case, you have MSo+ kind of bloods :p
    Well, I don't know much about MATLAB7 or MultiSIM, have you tried to run them with Wine? many windows application run under linux just as they do under windows (but needs lots of tweaking)

    As for gaming if you are looking for pc games that compete with PlayStation games then I'd recommend staying with windows but you can check this list some games are good, others are so silly.

    There are some commercial application for linux that were build specifically to solve the gamer problems, They run windows games flawlessly check
    never tried it myself maybe you should check with Isam.

    There is no problem at all in running both OSs, I have windows and I use it primarly to test sites on IE 5.5/6 and 7 and to check my Arab bank account (which stupidly works only with MSJVM)

  7. I need to get my blood pumped and changed to L+ :) I hope i survive..

    I'm now considering installing linux on my desktip pc which I mainly use online and for word processing, and leave the laptop for "work"..

    Thanks mate!

    P.S. those math questions are not so bad after all, I'm starting to solve them in less than 10 minutes.. ;)

  8. Samir,

    There is a say I remember when I talk about freedom Good things aren't as contagious as bad things

    Maybe this is why Windows are more popular, Anyway it's good to give it a try, if you don't have time or aren't willing to learn much of it's command line then go with Open Suse, if you have enough time (less than the time needed to find a crack or serial) to learn a bit then go with Ubuntu linux or Fedora.

    hahais, I'm releasing a cheat sheet soon to make commenting easier for human beings but are you ?

  9. "Jack", thanks for the offer, I'll get back to you soon.

    I'm actually considering to upgrade my system, I mainly use my PC for CAD applications (Eats a lot of Ram and V.Card).

    I'm thinking of the following:
    1. AMD Opteron Dual-Core 2.40GHz / 2MB Cache
    2. NVIDIA Quadro FX 3450
    3. 4GB PC3200 RAM
    4. Two 19" LCD monitors
    I know it would cost a fortune (1800-2000 JDs) :'(

    My Current sys: P4@3Ghz,1GBRam and so on

  10. Firas, good features but, what is the desired main board ?
    and why you will upgrade to DDR 1 technology , why don't take AMD AM2 socket with DDRII support ( 533MHZ,667,673,800,...etc ).

    moreover, if u want to took 4GB of ram check the OS & MB to avoid fall in 4GB ram problem.
    @ the end, are you sure that u need quadro CARD to ur work ?!!

  11. Hehe ... it downloads you IE 7 from microsoft downloads :)

    nice joke .... and for real IE 7 is a real imitation ....
    & yes, opening google or gmail using IE 7 will cause your PC to pump!

  12. Firas,
    What you mentioned doesn't classify as upgrade but as EXTREME MAKEOVER :D dude, when you get that machine please lemme try it a36ini shou6 3aliha
    by the way, you need to check if Windows Visa support the 4GB ram, my information might be out of date but XP doesn't support it.

    Man, if you know about hardware then PLEASE write about it, I really don't understand many aspects when it comes to hardware :(

    Then I'm lucky person.

  13. Opairah
    I guess you are right, the choice should be DRR2

    JAD: I'm planning to get this, not sure when because it will be some really expensive toy that I can't afford at the moment.
    I'm looking for less expensive alternatives, but these CAD programs know no mercy.

    Here have a look at this prog. recommended hardware, and out of experience and what one of the prog. developers told me, by recommended they really mean "min"!lol

    You won't just tshawe6 3ali if I get it, I'll let you sleep with it,just let me get it first!

    Maybe this is less expensive?
    Of course you gotta add another $USD300-500 if you are getting it in Jordan.

    For some reason some people use Solaris with such prog. Allah yerham el 486Dx or something and the prince game Lol!

  14. Firas,
    I don't know much about AutoCad or Cad applications but a quick search returned with very promising results (at least to CAD noob like me :D)

    Running autuCad under Linux

    Linux Alternative Applications

    I wish I knew how to use these application so I can install and test them and give you full review :(
    anyway I just installed QCad, It's very lite application (does it have to be heavy weight champ?) and seems to work fine, again, I wish I know how to use them.

  15. I think the discussion almost over ?
    any way I've post about AM2 before. but, u have to determine ur work environment and then u can decide which hardware is better for you !!!
    as I told u before, it depends on OS & hardware support.
    numbers and values not an issue more than compatibility, reliability, and stability .

    P.S: is upgrade will be from local market or out-side ?


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