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  1. ya 300 million mabrook Jado ... wallah ya ahlan wa sahlan bik fi al Rakb

    Go Jad .. Go toot!

  2. Mabroouk abu aljoojj ...
    i will do a suicide attack tomorrow at the office ... if they dont add me ...

  3. mabrook Jad..w hay sarelna was6a honak :D

    ana bafakrak min zaman there.metzaker ayyam tabat toot :D

    wain il knafeh?

  4. Mabrook Man :) u work for toot, and they just added u.. to7feh

  5. Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

    your header's quality kol malha lower.

  6. Congradulation, to me your blog is the best that have been added, i didnt even noticed that you were never on toot, i always thought you are a tooter.

  7. Gwaider,
    allah yebarek feek, 3ogbalak man, 3ogbalak :-)

    teslamili inshallah

    shokran 7aj

    I'm reporting to GID now.

    The Observer,
    Thanks dude.

    aa ana momathelkom el da2em be toot, don't worry ana ma bansa sha3bi lama afoz bel entikhabat LOL
    la2 wala ana jedeed sort betoot ma3 eno ana bashta'3el be toot :-)
    as for the knafeh, decide the time/date/place and I'll be there *as usual*

    jad to7feh, this means we are really picky about adding blogs :-)

    I'm tooter in profession (I work for but they just added me, damn long picky process of adding :p


  9. You worked for them and you were not even added before. Shows you how much appreciation they have for you and how much inta bitmoon ;-)

    Or maybe it is all a big stunt to show how fair toot is in adding bloggers.

  10. Jad how come?!

    I thought you worked for them...
    you weren't added men zaman ya3ni?

    Jameed is a big thinker,
    I shall follow the Jameed!


  11. Wal! Ya zalame kol ras malha query statement insert jad into toot; wella kan 3aleha drop tabel trigger:p 3ogbali! 3ad 2ana mgaddem 6alab w 6wabe3 o mo3amaltee jahze w 3ndi abu 7meid was6a kaman... W haina bnestanna! 2Ana 5aief el sokortera mthai3a el mo3amale

  12. Mabrook Mabrook, bas el mohem ma tel3at Jazarah! :)

  13. Jameed,
    I'm still working with them and I guess you can tell if it's the first or the second reason :-)

    hahah, Yes, I'm working with them and I'm a tooter actually I'm the DeveTooter but they didn't add me until yesterday, indeed Jameed represent the Arab philosophers in the new jameed age.

    haha no but it has some foreign keys dude

    allah yebarek feek, 3ogbal wladak man :-) REMOVE the heavy flash then we can talk.

  14. why it is so "something" to be on toot? I really want to know.

    why they are picking the bloggers...why can't you just reg. at their site??


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