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How I used to look like ?

Ok dar, I will respond to your tag and will give you reason to laugh LOL
Here is How I used to look like when I was hmm well I don't know but seems 1-4 years old

Jad - heavy smoker since ever!

Now I'm tagging
Ahmad Humeid, Hala Khalaf, Grace, Ibrahim, Dave, Marcy, Hareega, Rebecca.

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  1. Yeee sho vulgar...

  2. Are you kidding? Over my dead body!

    Ba3dein you didn't look bad! What happened???

    :) Ok, I swear, i'm kidding, you KNOW I'm kidding!

  3. loooooooool , that is fun :)


  4. looool you haven't really changed :-D

  5. LOL!
    is that a cigarette in your mouth in the first pic?!! :D

  6. What a fun idea! Jad, you're adorable :)

    What happens if I'm tagged? I've got to post on my site in response? With a baby photo of me?

  7. Very cute! But Jad, if you want to live to see your cute grandkids, you better quite smoking. Shall I repeat again the story of how both my parents died of smoking related cancers withint 5 weeks of each other?

    And you thought I would nag you about finding a good wife!

  8. Jad, check out Grace's blog, she actually LISTENED to your tag and posted a pic! Wallah wallah!

  9. Manal y,
    thanks 7ajeh

    Hassan Ahmad,
    Vulgar be3enak :p

    YOU HAVE TO DO IT OR ... (fill the blank)
    Well well well WELL! Thank you :( mef mef

    indeed, lots of fun dude *for many reasons*

    you think so ?

    Yes :D but I wasn't heavy smoker at that time, you know I had to cover my kinder garden tuitions and pampers expenses :D

    Thaks for the kind words :-)

    Thanks khalto, as for smoking thigy, do you know any support group for smokers? ok HEAVY smokers ?

    Good girls always listen to Jad. May Jad bless her for listening :-)

  10. [...] Many of you have seen how I looked like when I was a kid but does any one wonder how I will look like in 2090 ? (at that time I will be 120 years old! darn) [...]

  11. [...] Yesterday Kinzi advised me again and again to quit smoking and she mentioned how her parents died because of smoking related cancer, God bless them they are in better place now. [...]

  12. Cute then and still cute now :)

  13. Thanks khalida,
    Muwahahahaha no comment after the last photo LOL

  14. heheheh I like kids in "deshdashe w 7a66a" :)
    I cant imagine that you were a child one day :-)

  15. 7ala, Why you can't ? Am I that ba'3el now for that imagination :P ?

  16. An American in Jordan » Blog Archive » Tag…You’re It!November 13, 2007 at 4:20 PM

    [...] just discovered that Jad tagged me a couple months ago in an effort to get me to post pictures of what I used to look like. [...]


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