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Darn! They want to acquire Yahoo!

You wont believe it guys but Ted Murphy the founder of PayPer post who's trying to change the advertising industry from Advertising on blogs to have the content of blogs as ads on blogs which some people like Business week think they are Polluting The Blogosphere while others like think that PayPerPost will kill the blogs, Today Ted Murphy announced that they don't have any plan to compete with but their plan is to acquire Yahoo!

I can understand ubuntu first bug

Microsoft has a majority market share in the new desktop PC marketplace. This is a bug, which Ubuntu is designed to fix.

and I actually consider it as a noble goal but what would happen if small business or actually a startup business like Payperpost start to acquire big companies like Yahoo! or maybe later Google? that would be real clot strike.

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  1. thats a far fetched thought me thinks.

  2. I searched on Google and there's no word on any plans to acquire Yahoo by any company/person called Ted Murphy or PayPerPost.

    On another note. Just the other day I was watching Mad Money with Jim Cramer and he was predicting that one of the big telecoms would try to acquire Yahoo.

  3. Yahoo and Microsoft are already getting too intimate, with inter-oping their services and deployment of windows servers by Yahoo ... hmmm! Could this be a hint?

  4. Bakkouz,
    Why far fetched dude? if they got money then they can do it

    Hamzeh N.,
    I've read it on some newsletter can't remember which one and unfortunately I delete them after reading :(
    but anyway I guess it could happen.

    could be and could be a rumour


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