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Why do we pay taxes?

Everyone pays taxes in one form or another- mostly income and sales taxes. But why
do we pay these taxes? Well, it might be because the government can't afford to manage service effectively without getting more money but in our case we pay taxes to have the Cleaner truck not to visit us more than once a week!

This was the Damn good morning i got in my face.
Why do we pay taxes?


  1. !!!!!!!WT!!

    Who is responsible for this?? He/she should be made to resign!!! Unless of course theres that likely event of all trucks breaking down on that same day. I mean week!

  2. Sari,
    not to be rude, but DREAM ON! it's Jordan and no one will resign for anyone.

  3. wow..
    this is like zbaleh party

  4. yeeheee ma hai il manazer m3abyeh il balad ya rajol.
    and we pay taxes becuase ??????? ?? ???? ???????

  5. I don't know what's the problem nowadays,but Amman was never this dirty.NEVER.

  6. That probably stinks 500 meters away!

    Someone should put the trash in a truck and drive it to the Amaneh to dump it at their gate.

  7. I know exactly where u live now haha....

    But u'r right manazer btikhzi, unfortunatly this is what ends up happening when everyone in charge of our city gets appointed by wasta.

  8. jad

    you are tagged..

  9. see the pic i took in down town

    i guess people everywhere pay taxes but maybe ma btosal..

  10. lol take it easy...these things happen. my parents like in dayer ighbar and the scene across their street is similar but the truck comes by 3 times a day! some areas get more than others. sometimes you have to call to complain. no one needs to get fired. and your taxes pay for more than just garbage collectors.

  11. Moey,
    LoL, Yes we had zbalieh party!

    sa7, bs '3aliban bekon baradet wejeh men el nas, bekob zbalto janb el 7awyeh but this bsabab el khara el amaneh enhom mesh 3am bejoo

    I have heard some rumors says that Al-amaneh employees intentionaly do that to give bad reputation to the Mr al-maani as they are loyal to abu hadeed , is that true?

    Do you know that someone ? or do you know someone who can defent that someone from getting sued for doing that?

    Naswet shoo ya zalameh! re7etha wasleh la ras el 3een, la maktab el modeer el 3am!

    Hahais, visit me then :-)

    ochai hasa batagtegha

    btosal bs betensareg or betensaref 3ala sawlief fathyeh

    Dude, I live two minutes in car from the Prime ministry building and five minutes walking; I guess this place are pretty equal so deer el'3bar, unfortunately I'm aware of the double standard that we have in Jordan in everything.
    Another note, in the dead-end street I live in, there is one parliament member , x-minister AND Jad madi :D

  12. yeah there are two ex-mps on our street too but still, if they're not doing their job u have to call and complain. it even happens here in toronto.

  13. Call and complain? HAHAHA this inspired me to write a post about call and complain in Jordan :D

  14. The picture is SOOOOOO alive that i can imagine how it msut have SMELLED .. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ..

    well .. it's not only that .. look at all those constructions "leftovers" , and 7afreyat made by the municipality itself . the electricity company has dug the road next to my work place to put those fiber optic cables , kept a huge tunnel opened for over 5 weeks .. caused us to park two streets away from our work place in the hottest week of the summer . and now , after they closed the tunnel , they left the pebbles and the tiles all over the street messing the whole view , and taking our parking places


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