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Haifa wahbi crying her daughter :(

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  1. Jad sho malak 3ala hayfa!! Ramadan kareem

  2. good actor!!!! kazabeh! if she love her daughter this much, she wouldnt leave her.. and work like artist all know what she do..

  3. I don't really like haifa but i think a mother is a mother no matter who she is and mothers' feelings cannot be faked.

  4. Naturalblu,
    hehe, jad ya 7aram
    Not necessarily walahi; mother is mother, LoL ana 3am azaki syami :p
    ana ba7eb mawagfek el jere2a :D

  5. Yes, she's a good actress! She's trying to draw sympathy. Or maybe she's regretting all the mistakes she has done!
    Truth is, her daughter is better without her.

  6. The image she's trying to create, to be the fantasy of each and every man

    She doesn't care about constructing one and get pitty, she's already widely known. I think she really cried.

    I think TONY is a true bastard,
    using people's tragedies 3ashan ye3mal Sabq Sa7afi

    I feel sorry for her,
    she's feeling guilty...obviously


  7. wallah i think she's so simple and lovely but one cant know how life treat some people bad.. i talked to some people who actually met her and they say she's so simple and childish truely.. i guess this is why she has her current life.. and you dont know whats inside her so no one can say she's a liar! and her mother side isnt her fame side i guess they are different and she asked tony to cut it out! and obviously she tried not to cry but she couldnt.. i feel sorry for her. :(

  8. If it was Ragheb Alameh, who cried his son who he hadn't seen his daughter in 10 years. No one would have paid attention
    Pretty people have it easy.
    Next: Women get the custody of their children. No one can take that away from them
    Even when the child is not in a parent custody, they have the right to see them (legally)
    So how come "Haifa wahbeh" bi jalalet aderha ... can't get her daughter....
    This is nothing but a publicity stunt, One that Ragheb obviously didn't capitalize on.
    I have Zero sympathy to her. If she was 3abla Kamel then yes, I would. But not her

  9. I agree with Wedad, Hatha ma janathu yadaha. 7asadat ma zara3at.
    if she is real sensere she would have thought 1000 times before falling in the pitts

  10. No oe know what inside each other so w dont blame her...... like to say to her dont listen to the people who make you or trying to make you sad.....ltos of love.mwah....mwha......i know the mum heart...if you cry dosnt mean you going to lose your future.....people dont be juols from her ok??????

  11. Thanks people for explainin to me why Hiafa cried as I dnt speak arabic ,but can someone tell me in details pls:what really happend?? why she cried?? I only know it has somethin to do with her daughter right???

  12. Maky,
    The guy asked her why she didn't see her daughter for almost 8 years now and then she start crying and asked him to stop the show and never answered his question, unfortunately.


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