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Why not to marry a blogger?

Because she will

  1. If you fart in bed she will blog about it.

  2. blog about your online chats

  3. log in through proxy to put a nasty comment

  4. if she gets mad at you, she'll remove you from her blog roll

  5. you will hear about her being pregnant from her blog

  6. she will actually get MAD AT YOU if you didn't get it from her blog and you being the first commenter on that post

  7. She expects you to write a post on how wonderful it is to be married to her everyday...

  8. She expects you to write a trackback in response to her announcement that she's pregnant

  9. you will know if you're getting lucky tonight from her blog

  10. the only way to know how much she spent on that new Prada Purse is from her blog- Corrected by Iman

  11. she keeps a second "secret" blog from you

  12. she will log in and and start commenting with a different name on your blog to try and see if you're going to cheat on her

  13. You will know all about your sleeping habits and how good you are in bed .. from her blog

  14. she may put your bed activities rate online

  15. she would put a poll to see how many people agree that you get some action or not

  16. she will discuss disciplinary action with her readers

  17. she will talk about EVERYTHING in preparation of the wedding

  18. She'll setup a blog for your mother in law to strike you online and offline

  19. She will talk about your surprise birthday party and you're still supposed to look surprised

  20. If you get her a gift before mentioning mentioning it on your blog, she will feel cheated

  21. You're not supposed to get comments from any females on your blog

  22. You're not supposed to get jealous if guys complement her on her blog

  23. She'll go nuts for few days when she's changing the design of her blog. Blames it all on you

  24. first thing she would do after delivery is blog about the experience

  25. She'll try to look up the baby's blog, but gets very frustrated that he doesn't have one

  26. You'll find the shopping list on her blog under, "Get these or die"

  27. Before going to a doctor, she checks his blg and rating on Technorati

  28. If your Technorati rating drops below 50,000 she would start asking you to go to the gym

  29. If your rating goes higher than hers, she starts complaining that you spend too much time online

  30. If she's not in the next podcast ... you're screwed

  31. her name, her site and her webaddress must be mentioned in every tag that you post, In addition to the words love, worship, chocolate, and "YES"

  32. You have to mention in "H1" font size that you're married on every page

  33. She's not supposed to mention that she's married because this is anti-feminism and your sad attempts to control her life

  34. You can?t blog when you?re having a serious conversatoin with her. She will know it and will think it is disrespectful :-D by Shaden

  35. She will check her blog?s stat everyday and you better be there on the last 10 viewers? list by Shaden

This peice of art is a result of few minutes conversation with 7aj ghweider

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