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May 21 Mourning Day

Today is the mourning day for all circassians, especially adiga people..only a few people know how this nation could manage to opposite the one of the greatest countries: Great Britain, Austria, Turkey and Russia. None of these powers could risk resisting Russia openly, especially after routing by Russians the Napoleon?s army. But Circassians, not very big nation could resist Russian Empire with her well-trained and armored army for 200 years.
The Russian Czarist Army outnumbered the national Circassian resistance by more than 20 times?

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  1. Can't say I liked the ending commentary. It's calling for more bloodshed. The Ottoman Empire has been dead for years, let it be. Czarist Russia disappeared in 1917. We should be building bridges in the Caucus, not clamouring for more blood.

    Of course, I'm half-Russian, perhaps I'm fair game.

  2. thanks Jad :)
    god bless you...

  3. Oh wait, nevermind here it is. My computer's acting weird. *pouting some more*

  4. You deleted my comment?


  5. I saw a bumper sticker that said "Adiga" with a bunch of arrows (and an eagle?) the other day...I thought about you and Tololy and Rami and how I never would have known a thing about Circassians or their heritage if it hadn't been for your blogs.

    I join Jano in askng God's blessing upon you and your people.

  6. Natalia,
    I didn't delete your comment and I don't usually delete anyone comment I just had a bad spamming day and had to filter awaiting moderation comments by hand and yours was with them, thankfuly the total was 99.

    as for forget and forgive yes this what people should do but this isn't feasible at this time especially with Russians actions towards Caucus.

    Thanks and may Jad bless you :D

    Khaltu kinzi,
    Ahlaaaaaaain ahlaaaaain, I'm not Circassian myself but my mom is.

    Thank you for the blessing, may Jad bless you all :D

  7. Natalia ... try to read about this russian group ... schultz-88

    and know how do they think about caucasian people ....

    russia hate us tell now .... and keeping us separated is the solution.

    iam talking about most not all !!!


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