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gal sho ? bedha was6a!

(00:18:08) Roba: bi khara design projects
(00:18:30) Jad: ah graduation project?
(00:18:37) Roba: no
(00:18:40) Roba: i'm not graduating this year
(00:18:42) Roba: next year
(00:19:01) Roba: 3endak wastat ma3 ay 7ada min ta3un shelet il 3oloom il 3askareyeh?
(00:19:54) Jad: If I help you, you will start saying Jordanians are was6anjiyeh we absar sho
(00:20:01) Jad: sebeni menkom enti o *G*
(00:20:03) Roba: hehe
(00:20:05) Jad: jooz 3onsoriyeh
(00:20:05) Roba: lak la2
(00:20:09) Roba: i'm not *G*
(00:20:14) Jad: you could be worse
(00:20:20) Roba: ma 3endi heik 7aki ana
(00:20:54) Jad: so a yes or no question
(00:20:55) Roba: anyway *G* 3anjad palestinian
(00:20:59) Roba: he actually lived there
(00:21:08) Jad: Do you appreciate using Wasta in universities ?
(00:21:08) Roba: i consider myself more jordanian than palestinian
(00:21:22) Roba: in 3oloom 3askareyeh?
(00:21:22) Roba: sure
(00:21:27) Jad: haha
(00:21:30) Jad: I'm blogging this NOW
(00:21:41) Roba: blog away
(00:21:47) Roba: and ask iza 7ada 3endo wasta
(00:21:49) Roba: since you dont
(00:21:50) Roba: i want a wasta
(00:22:19) Roba: beddi anja7
(00:22:23) Roba: bedun ma a7dar
(00:22:29) Jad: aha
(00:22:54) Jad: did you try to bribe them ?
(00:23:01) Roba: i didnt try yet
(00:23:05) Roba: i dont want to even try
(00:23:11) Roba: i want someone else to do everything for me
(00:23:32) Jad: you mean you want someone to do your dirty work ?
(00:23:43) Roba: well since i cant do it
(00:23:52) Roba: if you ever need a wasta withsomeone from nables ill help out
(00:23:55) Jad: why not? you aren't disabled
(00:24:17) Jad: haha
(00:24:21) Jad: walahi I love you
(00:24:25) Roba: hehehehe
(00:24:30) Roba: ok that is worth blogging
(00:24:40) Jad: 3an myself (jad) i never thought you are of this type!
(00:25:07) Roba: lol

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  1. ya ikhwan, bikfi imnagara. Who kul youm bidkoo tifda7oo 7alkoo bein il nass?

    ana shayef fee guset 7ob 3am titbalwar....jad, bansa7ak bisama3 muqabalet roba fee jameedkast, oo ibda sajel mula7athat.

    into tanjara oo lagat ghataha

  2. Jad ... She can hook you up ... incase you need wasta Nabilsyyeh ... Ya lateef .... I didn't know you're like that ;-)

  3. ?? ??? ?? ??????? ?? ??????
    Bidna dam ... bidna dam!

  4. LOL :D well Roobs the secret to passing 3askariyyeh is going to that trip they organize during the semester, which is not so bad actually! And, you can always attend class and keep a good book with you to read through any boring lectures.

    There are a couple of interesting ones though... like when this old man comes as a guest lecturer to tell you about jam3iyyet el mutaqa3ideen el 3askariyyeen... he is so funny!

    Ok ok I know I went off topic here, bs m3lesh graduates are tempted to preach :p

    cute post Jad! Yalla call it a truce guys

  5. Majali, badal ma to23od tetbarad, khaleena nestafeed min il Majaleyeh, dabarli wasta.

    Khalidah, aww, me too, me too!

    Lina, haha, yeah, a good book would do I guess.

    Qweider, wesh malhom il nabelseyeh?

  6. Laith,
    ana ma balasht a7ki ma3ha '3ar b3d hatheek
    el mogabaleh 3ala jameedKast.

    If she know the people who runs habiba's kenafeh
    then I'd love to help to get something quality
    for my Karsh in return.

    No it's not a truce!

    Ahlan wa sahlan nawarto blogina

    She's not BI!

    Walahi ana mesh 3arif laweesh bedeki wasta lal
    3olom el sarsariyeh walahi it was easy! walahi
    3mlt well without attending even to exams!

    btw can I recommend a book about programming ? :D or a geeky one?

  7. 3oloom 3askariyyeh? Shoo ya3ni, Army Science?? They teach ARMY SCIENCE in university here? Am so confused. WHAT YOU MEAN ARMY SCIENCE???

    mshan allah someone daber wasta for Roba, no one should be made to sit through ARMY SCIENCE.

    Ba3dein this way she'll have more extra time to hang out with ME, which is always a good thing.

  8. Are you gonna take it in the summer or are you taking it now? Cuz what on freaking earth do you mean by not wanting to attend when the semester is already over, well almost? :O

    Anyway, when I took 3askariyyeh, I was scared like hell I attended most of the lectures "zayy Ettootoo" (This is the very first time I use this stupid expression! :P). Very few I had to miss cuz I got really sick. I was 3al 7iffeh. But then I found out they lied to us about the number of admissible absences and that I could have skipped two more! Damn that. :|

    Well, I needed the waas6a, cuz I couldn't get myself to remember dates of exams, not that I would study any, but every single one of them I attended thinking we had a lecture when we actually had an exam! :O

    This course is so useless. Oh, well. Just another brick in the wall ...

  9. Lagatoo wasta wella lessa !!!
    If you failed ... bene3mallak lammeh (we collect money for you) so that you enjoy it next semester :)

  10. wala 3a rasi abu ma3aitah last summer when i took the course..
    from the couple of months that consist the summer course, I was upsent for more than 3 weeks ;)
    tajmee3ee before the final was 12/50
    the guy came and helped me during the final exam ;)
    I dunno why, but I had 32 in the final and passed ;))))))

    i guess he knew my father was working in kerak then ;)

  11. well, tips to pass,,, w bala jmeelit 7ada ;)

    1- il3oloom should be taken in summer
    2- timing should be between 2 other important lectures
    3- at noon
    4- if u r luckey - i was - u r seat number will be one of the rare seats
    5- enjoy the best nap ever,,, every weekday
    6- wait for the slip.... bingo u passed

    btw! do they still have it in sameer al refa3i theatre???

  12. kbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer Jad :D 3arase lol

  13. JanMania » Blog Archive » Be aware of Jad Madi !!!June 17, 2006 at 2:58 PM

    [...] Roba (andfaraway) –>–> Jad’s Post [...]


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