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best suggestions so far

The best suggestions so far to what could be done to solve or even benift from it by 360east titled Wondering how the Prophet might have responded to the cartoons..

  1. Apply to the Ministry of Culture in Denmark to organize a big exhibition about the Life of Prophet Mohammad and Islamic History. The Saudi and other Arab governments would finance this event and promote it in a big way in the Danish media.

  2. Invite 100 Danish children to come and live with Arab and Muslim families to learn about life in today?s Arab and Muslim world.

  3. Invite the editors of the Danish newspaper to a well publicized cultural debate in Doha, Qatar or Copenhagen.

  4. The embassies of Arab and Muslim nations could commission a website in Danish about Islam, contemporary muslim thinkers and life in today?s Islamic world. A dedicated staff would respond to incoming questions and request for information.

  5. Subtitle the movie ?The Message? in Danish and try to get many movie theaters and cultural centers in Denmark to show it.

Walahi such campaign against what happened should be lead by rational, mature people in both sides, the Islamic world and the danish.

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  1. I disagree
    The Danish and eurepean community know what islam is, it just beats them it is growing too fast! My openion, if Prophet Mohammed was alive, he is not even going to give a damn about what the denish people have to say, because the arabian and islamic countries are FULL of problems, in my openion, when someone insults you like that, it means they have got the nerves, because we gave it to them, they have been insulting us for ages, this is just the tip of the iceberg, if it was personal (to me alone), it would be an alert for me that its time to wake up, and fight! not entertain!!!! have little dignity than 'let us beg them' to try and know who Prophet Mohammed was! who cares! we are still supporting their economy, we are still suffering, and we are still underneath their dirty shoes! WHO CARES!

  2. I am totally disguised at the way people are depicting Islam in such a negative way. I agree with Ayyash we, muslims have been taking nonsense from this kafirs for a very long time now and I think the time has come now for all us muslim brothers and sisters to wake up and defend our religion. So what if everyone has the 'Freedom of Speech' but it has to have some extent. The 'cartoon' has caused a wilidness all over the muslims countires and I think this clearly shows that Islam has not declined it is as strong as ever. Therefore, the time has come for the muslims to get up and take action and show this kafirs that we are always ready to defend ISLAM.


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