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:Firewall: Haloscan and me

in my other post I explained my problem with haloscan commenting system, and I was asking for help
now No more troubles with haloscan, and here is why

Firestarter is a nice gnome GUI for the iptables firewall.
Haloscan is used by a lot of blogs around the web to provide the ability to make comments.

72.x.x.x didn't use to be valid addresses, so anything coming from here would be spam. By inserting this rule into the firewall we can treat (And ONLY the same as every other IP address. An alternative would be to remove the line "" from /etc/firestarter/non-routables, but that unblocks the entire range.

Firestarter blocks the entire 72.x.x.x range BEFORE it allows individual IP addresses. has an ip of

Any page with a haloscan comment box will time out because haloscan won't load.

Edit /etc/firestarer/user-post and add the following text.

/sbin/iptables -I NR -p tcp -s -j RETURN

Stop/Start your firewall.

actually I never expected it could be my firewall, anyway Now I can access blogs with haloscan and comment out! Sepcial thanks to ubuntu community
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  1. I never liked Haloscan. I think Blogger's commenting system is pretty good right now. Unless some computer wiz gives me good reason for switching to Haloscan, I will never do it.

  2. so it will be /etc/firestarter/user-post

    newbies may feel bad


  3. Jameed, There is no reason at all to switch


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