Wednesday, December 27, 2006

HowTo: spread a rumour in Jordan

I'm not going to sell you anything here, I'll just show you a real life example of how I did it :-)

Me: How's the weather in your place?
Her/Him: raining
Me: Only? it's snowing here, I've never seen it snowing like this before, it's flooding us and we are leaving the company now, waiting for my brother to pick me.
Her/Him: Ohh really?/ tantat/ kidding? / BASTARDS! our company in XXX and they didn't let us leave yet!
Me: got to go! brother ringing!!! ciao! enjoy your work day!

clicking on this image would explain what exactly happened....

but as usual at the end of every cool film a high IQ star will come and ruin it for you :D

Disclaimer: I'm not responsible if your employees suddenly turned off their computer and decided to leave home.


  1. Nananana ma meshy felmak 3alay

  2. that was funny , but i just have one thing to say, try not to use words like "ogsem be allah" when you're telling a LIE

  3. Ammai,
    it wasn't film at all!

    *Evil grin*

    Technically speaking I wasn't telling a lie but spicing

    check this video

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