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HowTo: spread a rumour in Jordan

I'm not going to sell you anything here, I'll just show you a real life example of how I did it :-)

Me: How's the weather in your place?
Her/Him: raining
Me: Only? it's snowing here, I've never seen it snowing like this before, it's flooding us and we are leaving the company now, waiting for my brother to pick me.
Her/Him: Ohh really?/ tantat/ kidding? / BASTARDS! our company in XXX and they didn't let us leave yet!
Me: got to go! brother ringing!!! ciao! enjoy your work day!

clicking on this image would explain what exactly happened....

but as usual at the end of every cool film a high IQ star will come and ruin it for you :D

Disclaimer: I'm not responsible if your employees suddenly turned off their computer and decided to leave home.


  1. Nananana ma meshy felmak 3alay

  2. that was funny , but i just have one thing to say, try not to use words like "ogsem be allah" when you're telling a LIE

  3. Ammai,
    it wasn't film at all!

    *Evil grin*

    Technically speaking I wasn't telling a lie but spicing

    check this video

  4. Moey’s » I just found out that “God” just loves me..December 28, 2006 at 5:31 AM

    [...] So after having couple of donuts and coffee from JU street, Streets are weirdly quiet (not joking, imagine Amman quiet..) everyone’s stuck at home, I’ve been home sick for the past 3 days so I have no idea about what’s going on streets, I’ve so far been told that It rained earlier and started snowing today, unfortunately Jad’s prank didn’t work, and turned out to be real.. [...]


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