Thursday, July 10, 2008

tsk tsk tsk, the silliest security breach at

ArsTechnica - Marko Karppinen, CEO of the MK&C development house out of Helsinki, Finland, had his account password and login changed at the request of someone that wasn't him. What did it take to get around Apple's strenuous security protocols for this type of thing? This well-crafted letter:

"am forget my password of mac,did you give me password on new email marko.[redacted]"

Of course, after that kind of sweet talk, the account info was handed right over, much to the chagrin of the actual Marko. With just this one slip-up, Apple compromised his e-mail, iDisk, .Mac syncs, credit card details, iTunes Store account, ADC Premier membership, and his iPhone Developer Program details. The Premier membership alone is worth around $3,000.

Would you get a Mac account now?

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  1. nop ... gona get account ... b3den OUR PEOPLE are looking into the problem ... butts gona be kicked mr