Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gunshot in Amman :(

  1. Tourists shot in Amman attack

  2. Gunman opens fire on tourist bus

  3. Six tourists wounded in attack on bus in Jordan

  4. مسلح يطلق النار على ستة لبنانيين في عمان

  5. Gunman wounds 6 Lebanese in Jordan's capital before shooting himself in the head


  1. 1- they werent tourists
    2- it wasnt a tourist bus
    3- they werent tourists
    4- Four lebanese, a jordanian, a Palestinian.
    5- Four lebanese, a jordanian, a Palestinian.

    I wonder why the media gets the stuff so wrong! I was at the site my self and well write about it!


  3. The initial information was sketchy, I heard the first radio announcement Wednesday before midnight, it was 3 people then.

    Still a lunatic is a lunatic no matter how many or he he shot.

  4. One of the Lebanese was a tourist, I know the guy, got shot in the arm and the bullet broke his bone.

  5. Nasim
    Informative as usual :-)
    Hani Obaid
    I agree :-)

    The guy must have some Joo roots, he shot a Lebanese and Two Palestinians!