Sunday, February 3, 2008

City Mall Chaos

Since the snow started to melt Jordanians filled the streets with their cars as if they were in prison or as if we won the World Cup of something and I was one of those frustrated Jordanians of staying home for two days, so I went with some friends to watch Man of the Year at CityMall.

First, I managed to avoid three heavy-weight acciedents; it seems people are taking the advise of not going out with their unequipped two-wheel cars on personal level and it seems they mark it as a humiliating alert to their high pride the result was seeing all people out in the street as if the snow attacked their houses and now they have to stay out even with those really really small cars.

People were nervous in a way I never seen before and some people were experimenting skiing with their cars.

Anyway, when we were on the parking queue (the parking were over loaded) leaving the Mall, everything was calm, people were patient, you know the ideal description of life and people? until I turned back to get a tissue from the back seat and my left hand pushed the car horn accidentally, it was a single accidental beep but it was like a kick start of what you are going to listen to now.

Or Download it.

One last thing you might want to know; this Chaos lasted for 20 minutes.

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