Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Driving tip of the day

Lanes does not exists and if well painted nobody pay attention
Get a cheap and strong Korean car only then those with Mercedes or BMW will give you your lane.

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  1. man!! I'm not sure if i miss driving in Jordan :) but i don't think so.

  2. Maioush
    You should try it out, it's totally different experience; you either learn to be patient or you'll visit the police station often.

  3. I visit jordan regularly, I will be in Amman for a month this summer and I'm thinking of renting a car for a while but driving in Amman compared to Ireland just seems so scary!

    Any advice :)

  4. Heh-heh, that is one truth I learned when we got Pacifica Van. Even Hummers would get out of my way. I feel empowered.

  5. Za3tar
    haha, you got your dose mate

    Renting a cheap Korean but a strong one is highly recommended and you got to learn how to generate the vrmmmmmmmmm without moving.
    No, dude it's not scary at all, accidents here are fatal, you either go home or you don't :p no, kidding, it's just so stressing and you got to be patient else you will be a regular visitor to police station.

    On the other side, a tourist car with green plates has a great advantage, people knew it's not your car and you could crash it and just pay the couple hundred JDs insurance :D so they usually stays away.

    Ohhh, van, the most scary for hammers because if you can reach their lights which costs a lotttt.

  6. Thanks dude! Appreciate the tips :)