Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Favourite blogger

Sorry for being late, I actually thought I wrote and scheduled it to be published on 27th :-) anyway, I was biking & hiking in wadi rum, I guess it's a good excuse :-)

We're talking about bloggers not blogs, right? so I'll be writing about bloggers I know in person ONLY (it doesn't make a sense to pick someone as favourite blogger when you don't know him/her in person)

My favourite Jordanian bloggers is Na3ouri & Mazen Al-Ali. (Random order :p)

Favourite 3looj blogger is of course Dave.

That's it?

Saying that X or Y is my favourite blogger has nothing to do with their blogs; they are my favourite because it happens that I know them in person and it happens that they are a good friends; in short you might favourite me and dislike my blog

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