Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Jihad Christmas

Before hitting the play button, get some sense of humor!


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  1. Good grief!

    Even with a sense of humor I found this offensive

  2. Jad, well Penuts has never been funny so I found it offensive to comedy.

    But if we're talking about religion: I don't care about people making fun of ALQueda or Bin Laden or terrorism...but even in an artistic endevour the artist should make a point of pointing out the difference between the religion and the terrorists. otherwise they're just labeling the whole religion and its followers as terrorists.

  3. Well said, can't agree anymore dude.

  4. Jad,

    I believe I have an open mind and quite tolerant of what I view as other people's shortcomings and misunderstanding.

    This however is the very thing we are fighting against. Media labelling Islam as terrorism. We should not contribute to it. At the very least we are expected to say that this is false.

    It really isn't very funny either.