Thursday, October 26, 2006

Switching to Wintertime

Wow Finally!

Jordan will switch to wintertime Friday, October 27. Clocks are to be set back by one hour by midnight Thursday, October 26, making the Kingdom two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

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  1. My research says that the clocks don't fall back until Friday night, October 27th, at 12:59. I'd hate for you to arrive at any appointments an hour early on Friday.

  2. Dave,
    It doesn't really matter for me because the only thing I do in Friday is sleeping :D but thanks for correction.

  3. I hate winter timeing! :(.

    It is so depressing to have the night coming so early as of 5:30 like today!

  4. The Observer,
    I understand you feelings dude but for me it's much better as I wake up early 5:30 and sleep 10:00 PM AT MAX! (night club day) :D