Friday, October 27, 2006

fun facts blog

Today I decided to change my blogs readings habit so I thought I would be doing good to myself if I do search for new blogs that interest me to follow, because I have BA in Political science and Law and because I work as Web developer I always read political and geeky blogs but now I need to change my reading direction little just for a change but at the same time I don't want to run into another category specific blogs and as a technorati junkie I thought it would be the best to see what it will recommend to the poor me.

I was always big fan of facts books, I actually have at least 10 facts books in my bookshelf but I'm not the hard copy books reader any more so I have to find a fun facts blog. Let me ask you couple of questions, Do you know the history of Macaroni and Cheese? do you know why they called Katrina hurrican Katrina ? these are fun facts you would love to read from time to time.

Maybe I wasn't that lukcy in term of number of blogs that writes about such stuff but at least I was lucky because I found a good one
Aviva Trivia blog It's really interesting to read such blogs, I highly recommend reading this blog, we got plenty of news channels and blogs but we are really missing such fun facts blogs.

I really like Aviva's blog and hope you will like it too

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  1. I have too many blogs to read as it is...but I did find a number to help you with another 'old habit', the UNICEF clinic 562-6874. :)

  2. Wallah I took a look at Aviva Trivia blog and it seemed interesting , I liked it.

    Good choice Jad :)