Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The birth of truely Arabic search engine

Hoaaaaaaryyyyy! indeed maktoob is changing and this time isn't just about the layout and size of advertisement banner but changes seems to be in their mentality which is cool!

To be honest, as Arabic Internet user, I have had lots of troubles with maktoob, starting from cashU ending with their huge banners, nevertheless they are changing and changes takes time.

Maktoob launched The first Arabic search engine and now lemme skip the argument of if it's really the first or not but it really seems to be the first with a highly respected user interface, (if you ignore the blinking arrow and some other minor stuff) and allow me again to skin the argument of search result accuracy as it's very new they still have long way to crawl and index the web to give us better experience with Araby.

What makes me write this article is their search options (basic advanced search preferences) which is really not a copy cat of other search engines, obviously they did a quite good research before the kick start, as you can search in Arabic forums, blogs and news and this is really cool, I love it.

Hope the best for maktoob and I accept the launch of Araby as a compensation of their CashU failure.

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