Sunday, July 23, 2006

so I decided to go plain

it was really hard to maintain the old theme plus I really like this new plain theme so what do you think ? isn't it reader friendly ? and I guess it's much easier to navigate with this plain one, please give me your feedback

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  1. I really like it, but I would prefer one column on the left instead of two

  2. I second Ammar on this, reading usually happens in the middle, also the coment preview place, it's so tight, I guess it should be moved over the Coment box, other than that the Plain view is cool

  3. Yes, the comment preview are is very small, also i don't really like this theme i mean yeah its easy on the eye but its too simplistic. just my two cents :)

  4. I don't really like this theme either, It expects me to have a very wide screen to see it nicely.
    Once I resize my screen, I discover that the format becomes ugly
    I prefer. One column on the left (or the right)
    And nuke the stupid Calendar! like you have so many events to share with the world!
    The preview section is misaligned (using IE7 B3). It's size is ok however

  5. Okay, I will work on the previous one to make it widgets ready and will reinstall it

  6. man, its not WAP friendly at ALL!

  7. Nasim,
    dude, who cares about WAP ? we are barely able to support all browsers, I don't think supporting WAP would be in my plan any time soon :D