Wednesday, June 7, 2006

tabat group on flickr

?toot,, is running an open blog for the World Cup 2006 on Since its launch, toot has been promoting blogging as the new media, vis a vis, conventional media in the Arab World.
We aggregate the top 120 blogs that relate to the Arab World, and promote young voices and opinions.

We want you to share with us your photos from the World Cup 2006. We want you to share this special event that brings the world together,
and makes millions of people glue to their TV and Radio sets.
We think by sharing with us your photos, and allowing us to showcase them on and blogs, with attribution. We can make this world a better place!
Thousands of our readers during the World Cup 2006 will be able to share the great moments.

The 2 members who contribute the most to this group, i.e. number of photos, will receive a $30 Amazon Gift Certificate.
Every week we will also select the best photo of the week. The contributor of the best photo of the week will receive a $10 Amazon Gift
Certificate. Good luck.

Thank you for sharing,

toot team in Jordan ? Ahmad, Wael, Jad, Roba, Mazen, George & Karim

tabat group on flickr

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