Friday, February 17, 2006

Self esteem and local brands!

Mariam's mom
why do you need to buy from Europe, some things that are made in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt are really excellent!

this is the way we build the economy in our nation!

It's not just about self esteem, it's about the availability of the fine products in your local market, I'm not sure if what I'm going to say is a rumour or a fact but we have heard about a lot of factories that only export their FINE products and never sell them in local market.

I'm not a fan of brands while shopping until it comes to shoes "I'm in love with Clarks" other than shoes I would never car where it comes from or what's the brand of it, I just care about the quality and unfortunately you cannot find local quality products in Amman's local market.

Actually we have a semi-policy at home to buy local products whenever it's possible even if it's quality less than the quality you are after in reasonable ratio but again unfortunately other than some food products you cannot find local products so this semi-policy is semi-dropped naturally.

Finally I think solidarity and community driven mentality exists in our community but the fine product doesn't exists.

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